White House Makes HUGE Announcement About Border Wall

This is incredible!
Border Wall
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Trump supporters are about to get some very good news, news that will likely outrage Democrats and further improve Trump’s re-election hopes.


According to a new report on the Daily Caller, the administration has finally secured the funding needed for 1,000 miles of new border wall.

The Border Wall

There has been a lot of criticism directed at Trump over the failure to get the border wall constructed over the first three years of his presidency.

Of course, a major reason for the delays has been the constant obstruction by Democrats, but those very same Democrats will try to use this against Trump during the election.

The one thing Trump has been able to do is to replace a significant amount of the old fencing with the new border wall.

However, even that has been slow going.

Now, though, according to this latest report, the administration has secured the financing for a total of 1,000 miles of NEW border wall.

Securing the Wall Funding

With the new funding secured, the White House stated it expects to have about 450 miles of new wall built just in time for the 2020 elections.

One White House official told the Daily Caller, “On the border, there’s great news to report.

“The President has kept his promise to secure the border.

“With funding available, the administration will build up to approximately 1,000 miles of border wall along the southwest border.

“The 2021 budget request, which has the increases for infrastructure, technology, and law enforcement personnel, is what’s required to gain operational control of the border.”

While some Dems will see this as unnecessary spending, the administration is maintaining the funding for the wall is coming from government cuts across the board.

The administration has been targeting agencies with similar goals and/or identical services for these cuts as well as programs and agencies with no clear-defined role.

If Trump is able to do this and land an infrastructure deal before election day, it should be game over for Democrats.

  1. THE PROBLEM IS IF A DEMONRAT IS IN CONTROL THEY WILL TEAR DOWN THE WALL OR NOT PATROL THE WALL AND OPEN THE GATES ONCE AGAIN ## CAN HE MAKE IT PERMANENT ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Makes me wonder what Trump will have to ‘give away’ to get this funding as Dems always Blackmail or not approve of what a republican President wants spending on. The 150 billion to bring the military back to prepared status in our front line units, from only being at 50% ready status in the 2018 spending Bill required 130 billion $ of Blackmail payoffs in the form of Block Grants… essentially making the ‘Ready Status’ almost two times as expensive to get the Dems to allow the military to be brought to ready status. Those “Block Grants” were nothing but payoffs, very little transparency, no accountability.
    This model of governinf is exactly why our spending is out of control… costing way more than needed to fix something… and for all we know,, the Block Grant money may have well gone into Tax free unaccountable 501 corporations that are SUPPORTING illegal immigration!

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