Breaking: Senior Hamas Member ELIMINATED


On Wednesday, November 8, terror group Hamas suffered another major blow. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has announced the elimination of Mohsen Abu Zina, the head of Hamas’ weapons and industries program.

The IDF is currently operating deep within Gaza City to clear out Hamas’ underground tunnels, but it remains unclear whether Abu Zina was killed in an airstrike or ground operation.

The IDF released a statement on X platform announcing the news: “The IDF and ISA eliminated Hamas’ Head of Weapons and Industries, Mohsen Abu Zina. He served as one of Hamas’ leading weapon developers, with expertise in strategic weapons and rockets. We continue to operate in Gaza to eliminate Hamas.”

This victory is especially significant given that Abu Zina had been responsible for developing some of the most dangerous weapons used by terrorists against Israel. By eliminating him from his post, the IDF has taken away one more avenue through which Hamas can harm Israeli citizens.

This also serves as a notice to other terrorist groups that Israel will not hesitate to use military force whenever necessary in order to protect its people from threats both inside and outside its borders.

NBC News reported:

“The Israeli military said this morning it killed a senior Hamas “weapons developer” as its forces continued aerial and ground operations in Gaza.

“Mohsen Abu Zina served as one of Hamas’ leading weapons developers and was an expert in developing strategic weapons and rockets,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement, adding a fighter jet had killed him.

Israel’s aerial forces also killed a group of militants who were planning to “fire anti-tank missiles at the forces,” it said.

NBC News has not independently verified the claims.”

This is a developing story.

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