Whoa…Dems Just Sided With This GOP Frontrunner


The Democrats actually started noticing that conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a chance to bring the GOP back into relevance by 2024. Amazingly, Democrats are actually starting to recognize that he got better results with his controversial Covid decisions than the ones which gained the liberal seal of approval.


GOP freedom vindicated

When GOP Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida refused to put his state under heavy-handed and “draconian” lockdowns, the liberal media roasted him for it relentlessly, for months on end.

Now even Democrats can’t deny that Florida has some really impressive statistics in the end. The success is impossible to ignore. Even Florida Democrats are admitting that his handling of the pandemic “was likely right.”

The liberal collapse began with the left-leaning New York Times. Their Sunday edition “underscored Florida’s booming real estate market and the state’s low unemployment rate.”

They didn’t want to report it but they grudgingly admit the GOP seems to be throwing a Grand ole Party after all. “Much of the state has a boomtown feel, a sense of making up for months of lost time.” Democrats see the past year as repressively forced thumb twiddling.

Rabidly liberal Axios started getting used to the idea that GOP ideas might not be so bad after all. They read the piece in the Times and noted, “even some Florida Democrats are wondering whether Gov. Ron DeSantis’ widely panned COVID response might turn out to be right.”

Their resident economist saw the figures and was astounded. “The Times notes that Florida’s unemployment rate is 5.1%, compared to 9.3% in California, 8.7% in New York and 6.9% in Texas.”

Kids belong in the classroom

There is a lot more to the concept of having kids in the classroom than just public daycare, and to keep the children out of the home workplace environment. Florida and the GOP embraced their love of freedom to get it right. They had “in-classroom instruction” since last fall. Children aren’t the ones who are at risk of spreading the Andromeda Strain.

Old people are the super-spreaders, as Andrew Cuomo learned to his horror and the destruction of his career. As DeSantis noted recently, “we banned hospitals from sending infected patients to nursing homes. We also did things like prioritize our seniors for vaccinations. But we had kids in school. It’s very important that they have the opportunity to go to school in person.”

As Axios admitted to the horror of liberals, “children are generally at extremely low risk to COVID-19 and have not been shown to be so-called ‘super-spreader’ vectors, as once believed.”

Keeping kids from school does much more harm than good, the suicide and overdose rates of high school age kids are going through the roof in states where the kids are kept home. The GOP and Florida conservatives took the opposite approach and it paid off.

Back in July, CDC Director Robert Redfield is convinced that the risks to children kept out of school are “significantly” increased. He sides with the GOP.

“The greater risk is actually to the nation to keep these schools closed. We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now [for high schoolers] than we are deaths from COVID. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID.”

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