12yr old Boy Snaps into Survival Mode, Takes Down Thug With Hunting Rifle

12yr old Boy Snaps into Survival Mode, Takes Down Thug With Hunting Rifle

After an armed thug broke into his family’s house, a 12 year old boy snapped into survival mode, taking the thug down with a hunting rifle.

The home invasion, which occurred near Clinton, Louisiana, began when Brad LeBlanc, 32, encountered a woman outside of her house, according to East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeffery Travis.

LeBlanc, who was armed with a pistol, forced the woman inside, where a struggle broke out between them.

Her son, who has not been named, feared for his mother’s life, and grabbed a hunting rifle. The 12 year old boy shot LeBlanc, who was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

The boy is being celebrated as a hero for saving his mother’s life.

According to Sheriff Travis, his office does not have any plans to bring charges against the boy, but the decision will ultimately be left up to the local district attorney, who will have to decide whether the shooting was justified after the sheriff’s office concludes its investigation.

“I don’t know what you tell a kid like that. That is such a horrific incident that I tried to put myself in that position this week thinking when my kids were 12-years-old, if they were to have to do that what would I have told them,” Sheriff Travis said.

“The support of the family and the community in the fact that the mother is understanding that he’s going to need some treatment and need to talk to people and helping him understand that he’s a very normal person that was put in an abnormal situation,” the sheriff added.

According to reporting by WBRZ, “The East Feliciana Sheriff’s Office identified two other suspects involved in the home invasion. Jonathan Barker was booked for second-degree murder, principal to aggravated burglary and principal to aggravated kidnapping. Jennifer Bond is charged as an accessory after the fact.

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