Air Marshals Declared Mutiny… They Refuse to Do It!


Our air marshals are declaring mutiny. Alejandro Mayorkas wants them to babysit illegal immigrants and they won’t do it. They don’t care if it costs them their jobs. Officially, they “plan to refuse mandatory deployment orders to the southern border and, therefore, face possible termination.

Air marshals declare mutiny

Dozens of air marshals are beyond caring if they get fired. As Fox News is reporting, despite the risk of termination, “abandoning their current assignments” to babysit illegal invaders, when the full-scale invasion begins in a few days, “will leave American fliers more vulnerable to threats over the busy holiday travel season.

They would rather reduce the threat to Americans, not increase it.

The last time Mayorkas couldn’t cope with the overflow, they asked for air marshals to “volunteer” for border duty. That wasn’t so bad because at least they were asked nicely. Once they got there, highly trained and specialized law enforcement officers were reduced to menial labor.

While deployed along the border for 30 days in mid-2021, they were “heating up sandwiches.” Other crucial duties included “driving illegal immigrants in custody to the hospital and waiting inside for hours on hospital watch, and effectively babysitting adults who are already in confined spaces.

It wasn’t long before their morale was “destroyed from this.” According to David Londo, president of the Air Marshal National Council, he’s “never seen anything like this.” The idea of making that madness mandatory is prompting the air marshals to mutiny.

In November, the Biden regime announced the “federal law enforcement agents within the Transportation Security Administration, would face mandatory deployments as the shortage of Border Patrol agents worsens.

Flights stripped of protection

Londo is speaking up now for his members. “Rank and file air marshals are going to refuse to deploy and risk termination.” What that means is during the peak holiday travel season, “99% of commercial airline flights” would be stripped of federal protection.

Meanwhile, the TSA can’t seem to stop everything from cats to straight razors from getting through security. Only a vigilant passenger was available to subdue JetBlue’s maniacal razor boy.

The concept is something which was unthinkable before Joe Biden came along. “You’re almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of.” You can take the “almost” out of that statement unless the Imperial Palace relents and backs down, which isn’t likely. Air marshals ARE going to mutiny.

Title 42 sinks into the sunset on December 21, timed to mark the pagan solstice. That’s the day all the massed migrant invaders are waiting for. They’ll be coming across by the thousands and all BPD will be able to do is herd them into America’s heartland, like cattle.

Meanwhile, as the air marshals become bus drivers and water bottle dispensers, a mere “one-in-100 U.S. flights” will have a federal agent on board. All those terrorists who wet-backed the border and have been patiently maintaining their terror-cell cover are thrilled to hear the news. This leaves us open to another 9/11 call from the followers of martyred Osama Bin Laden.

The TSA replied to reporters seeking comment with a flat denial that “air marshals deployed to the border performed such menial tasks.” They didn’t offer anything to back that up besides indignation that the National Council president’s claims are “entirely inaccurate and does not reflect the critical and professional law enforcement role these officers perform.” On the bright side, finding cheap landscapers this spring should be a breeze.

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