American Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Joe is Not in Control


A new poll reports that a majority of Americans do not believe that Joe Biden is not running his own administration. The poll was conducted in a partnership with The Trafalgar Group  by Convention of States Action, a group which is not favorable towards Biden. Still, there is no good reason to doubt the results of the poll. For months Americans have  been given frequent indications that Biden personally is not in control.


Poll finds that many Americans see Biden as a puppet

The poll of likely 2020 voters found that only 36.4% of Americans believe that President Biden is actually leading the country and directing the policies which emerge from the White House.

Most independents and Republicans feel that Biden is not leading his administration, along with almost a third of the Democrats questioned.

Biden has yet to give the American people many reasons to think otherwise. His antics consistently come under scrutiny in spite of the best efforts of his staff and allies in the media.

Frequently bizarre antics from the President have often led Republicans to question his mental and physically fitness for leading the free world (or dismantling it, in this case.)

It is difficult to imagine that a majority even of the Democrats who claim to believe that Biden is in full control truly have faith in his ability to command.

Biden and Jen Psaki have both confessed publicly that the President is generally not permitted to speak to the public without supervision, hardly a good sign for the leadership ability of an aging president.

Who controls the White House?

The poll is probably biased, as almost all polls are, but even under the most skeptical reading the results indicate that a massive portion of the American populace does not believe that Biden is in control.

There may be no president in American history who can be so convincingly called a puppet as President Biden. White House staff are clearly telling Biden when and how to speak and make decisions, a fact which they are barely bothering to hide.

A majority of Americans understand this, according to the poll. The performance of Biden in office and the resultant polling data should raise a major question for the Biden regime.

If most of the country does not believe that the head of state is actually leading anything, where does that leave the White House?

Keeping a figurehead in office may be convenient generally for the web of bureaucrats and staffers who run the executive branch of government, but what happens when that figurehead makes himself a liability?

President Biden will not be getting any younger or sharper through his time in office and the problem is sure to get worse for the White House staff who hope to convince the world that he is still a real decision maker.

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