Biden Regime are the Highest Paid Staff in HISTORY


The Biden Administration has the highest paid staff in White House history. If this sounds like generosity from the Biden Administration, it should be remembered that most of these staffers are already independently wealthy and are now subsidizing their incomes with sizable paychecks from the American taxpayer. This administration is on track to cost more than $200 million before Biden’s term ends. The Trump Administration spent $165 million on staff in total.

Most expensive White House in history

In the early days of America there was a republican ideal which held that a good public servant should not be any more wealthy when they leave office than when they arrived.

Those days are long gone in 2021; anyone leaving an important staff position in Congress or the White House can expect an extremely lucrative career in the future.

This has not deterred senior officials in the Biden Administration from continuing to accept exceptionally high pay for their roles in the White House.

The salaries these individuals currently receive is a pittance compared to what most made before accepting their current roles and will make after they leave.

This does not make the White House bloat any less distasteful; the unprecedented expense of the Administration is adding insult to injury.

While millions of Americans see wage stagnation and underemployment, White House salaries are at least growing at a fine pace under Biden.

Biden staff find places for relatives

It has gone by various names over time but it is generally common knowledge that “the swamp” is real. The highest levels of power in D.C. often depend on membership in a very exclusive club.

Because overt nepotism is frowned upon, Biden has taken a break from propping up the career of his famously degenerate son Hunter (who is already easily finding abundant crack money elsewhere.)

The real powers in the White House are, on the other hand, evidently not afraid to indulge in a bit of nepotism. A number of top Biden staffers have secured lucrative positions for relatives in the Administration.

These relatives conveniently emerged as being uniquely qualified for their positions from the entire population of the United States of America and were found right after their powerful relatives secured their own roles in the Administration.

Purely coincidental of course. A conspiracy theory suggesting that corruption and nepotism exist in the White House would be almost as bad as one suggesting that there is voter fraud in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Regardless, it appears to be extremely unlikely that anyone will be leaving the Biden staff any poorer than when they arrived.

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