Hey Liberals, This is NOT What Mourning Looks Like

Daunte wright police shooting BLM riots brooklyn center

The loss of human life is tragic, no matter what the circumstances. Why don’t those “protesting” the death of Daunte Wright think so? Wright, 20, was shot and killed Sunday afternoon by a police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a city less than 10 miles from where George Floyd died last May.


BLM burning and looting city in memory of a dead criminal

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Wright had been pulled over for a traffic violation about 2 p.m. when police learned there was a warrant out for his arrest on a firearms charge. When officers tried to take Wright into custody, he wrestled out of the cuffs, jumped back in his car and was shot. Still, he drove off and crashed a short distance later.

The police chief of Brooklyn Center said the shooting was accidental and that the officer thought she was deploying a Taser. The footage from the officer’s bodycam appeared to back this up.

The Twin Cities are obviously on edge due to the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer charged with the death of George Floyd. Thus, it was little surprise there were protests following Wright’s death.

However, if the unrest was about Wright’s death, why was there dancing, looting and a gunshot fired through the glass door of a local police precinct?

Brooklyn City being pillaged by savages following the police shooting of Daunte Wright

According to the New York Post, Wright’s mother, Katie Wright appealed for calm after the shooting. Apparently not many listened.

There was significant looting in Brooklyn Center and around the area, including several viral videos showing crowds carrying items away from a Foot Locker. Police officers were assaulted and pelted with rocks and canned food.

Videos shared online showed rioters doing victory dances after they looted retail establishments. There were as many as 20 stores targeted during the overnight hours between Sunday and Monday, with more hit between Monday and Tuesday.

While the city noted it “supports our community members’ rights to peacefully protest,” it also said “the criminal behavior we witnessed last night will not be tolerated.

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