Another Republican Bails on the GOP


RINO former candidate for New Jersey Governor Kim Guadagno just told the Republican party to color her gone. Good riddance and don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out, conservatives jeer. She can call herself an “unaffiliated voter” if she wants but everyone knows she’s really a Democrat.

Republican in name only

If you look up RINO in the dictionary, Kim Guadagno’s picture pops up next to it. She ran against Chris Christie for Governor of New Jersey in 2017 and wasn’t any more popular then than she is now.

On Monday, July 19, she officially filed the paperwork to erase her name from the rolls of registered Republican voters. She claimed to be a member of the GOP for 30 years before she finally came out of the closet.

The biggest thing that changed is that when the next primary comes around she can vote in either way. That gives her most of a year to make up her mind now that she accepts she’s Bi-political. By then maybe the trans Republican will be able to honestly cope with and embrace her Democrat side.

Run as independent

She’s a lawyer for the firm of Connell Foley and lost to Democrat Phil Murphy in 2017. She thinks her former position as Monmouth County Sheriff will allow her to pull off a run as independent.

Officially, Guadagno is fed up with the GOP because she’s not happy with “Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden’s leadership.” He keeps saying things like Make America Great Again, back the blue, and the election was stolen from Trump.

Things have been getting really “tense” lately between her and Republican leaders in Monmouth County. “Guadagno was also ousted from her role as the CEO for a food bank in New Jersey,” allegedly “due to a fight over funding with Monmouth County’s Republican freeholder board.”

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