Liz Cheney Awarded a New Job

Liz Cheney Awarded a New Job

RINO Representative Liz Cheney, the Democrats’ new poster child for a so-called ‘principled conservative,’ has been awarded a new job.

The new job is nepotism at its finest. The same day that former Vice President Dick Cheney, her father, retired from the board of trustees of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, the board unanimously voted to appoint her to the panel.

Cheney, who was recently ousted from her role as House Republican Conference chair for constantly siding with Democrats and ignoring the will of her voters, says that she is honored to take on this new role.

“It’s a great honor to follow in my father’s footsteps and to have the honor of serving on the Foundation that President Ford established,” Liz Cheney said in a press release. “His leadership in Congress and in the White House has inspired my own work on Capitol Hill.

“Gerald Ford is the type of public servant America needs today. He fearlessly modeled integrity, courage, loyalty, civility, and decency — all benchmarks of what good public service looks like in our American democracy,” she added.

According to an email from a foundation spokeswoman sent on the evening of June 7, board members “reflect the high ideals of integrity, honesty, and candor of former President Gerald R. Ford.”

Cheney’s term on the board will last for three years, and is renewable, according to the foundation.

“Not only did the board pass a resolution honoring Vice President Dick Cheney for more than four decades of outstanding service to my father and the foundation, but we also welcomed the next generation of the Cheney family to our team,” board Chair Mike Ford, son of the late President Gerald Ford, said. “We have been impressed with Liz’s principled leadership, generous service, and unflinching courage while serving in Congress — traits my father valued highly.”

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