Biden Says Future Elections Will Be ‘Set Up’

It’s ironic that after a year of hysterical talk about how questioning election results makes one an enemy of democracy, Joe Biden is already laying the groundwork for arguing that the next election that doesn’t go his way will have been stolen. Responding to questions in a rare press conference, Biden suggested that future elections will be “set up” and must be considered as possibly illegitimate if his voting overhaul bills are not passed.

Biden says future elections will be illegitimate if he loses

Biden’s disastrous press conference did an excellent job of explaining why the president’s aides usually don’t let him answer any questions.

In a single press conference, Biden shredded his own foreign policy efforts, revealed how out of touch his administration is and claimed that elections will not be legitimate if he doesn’t get his way.

Responding to questions about his unpopularity, Biden said “I don’t believe the polls.”  The bunker mentality in the White House is obvious; Biden’s people are shielding him from difficult questions and telling him that polls can’t be trusted if the news is bad.

Given that mentality, it’s no wonder that the president also thinks that the only way he could possibly lose a future election is through a Republican “set up.”

It isn’t surprising, but it is genuinely stunning to see how brazen the regime is being about their hypocrisy. It would be tempting to suggest that Biden is simply rubbing it in at this point, though that would be ascribing too much agency to a puppet.

People are being rounded up and jailed across the country and Democrats are attempting to ban candidates from running for office because they are accused of doing what the President of the United States just did.

2022 a “set up?”

Will Biden now disregard or refuse to recognize Republican gains in the 2022 midterm elections? It sounds like the president is planning to do just that.

What happens if Republicans regain control of the House or Senate but Biden declares that the results were illegitimate? What if both presidential candidates in 2024 refuse to concede?

The rhetoric implies that Biden and the Democrats are getting more desperate to cement their power before there is an opportunity to vote them out, even if they refuse to believe the polls.

At what point will the president and his people decide that the Constitution is becoming too much of a nuisance? The party has made it clear that their priority is securing “democracy” at all costs.

The mainstream media will not dwell on Biden’s remarks, but this deserves to be noted as an extremely significant moment in the Biden presidency.

By preemptively stating that any future Republican victories will automatically be tainted with illegitimacy, the president and his people are taking a major step towards something dangerous.

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