Jenna Ellis Trolls De Blasio, Breaks Internet

Jenna Ellis Trolls De Blasio, Breaks Internet

Conservative attorney Jenna Ellis, a former member of Donald Trump‘s legal team, is trolling radical leftist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Twitter.


Mayor de Blasio, who has been rapidly destroying New York City, recently sent out a comically ignorant tweet which read: “The future of New York City is so bright I gotta wear shades!”

Alongside the tweet was a picture of himself in sunglasses and a pink and blue flower-covered Hawaiian shirt.

Jenna Ellis shared de Blasio’s tweet, writing: “What is happening here?? Wrong answers only.”

For “wrong answers only,” there were some pretty hilarious responses to Jenna Ellis’ tweet.

“Eccentric super-villian auditions? Wait, that might not be wrong,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Patrick the Starfish assumes human form,” wrote one Twitter user, referring to the character ‘Patrick’ from the Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants.

“I also use Jill Biden’s dressmaker,” wrote another Twitter user, referring to recent criticisms of Jill Biden’s unattractive wardrobe.

“The before pic for teeth whitening ad,” wrote another Twitter user.

Other Twitter users took the opportunity to call out Mayor de Blasio for his obviously false statement, considering the data shows the decline of New York City is underway.

One tweet sarcastically stated: “NYC is 100% safe! I only travel with a security detail for their companionship.”

“Those must be beer goggles,” another tweet read, referring to the slang phrase which describes the phenomenon of alcohol altering one’s perception until something unattractive becomes attractive, such as the dilapidated and destroyed New York City suddenly appearing to have a “bright” future.

Another Twitter user had an explanation for New York City’s so-called “bright” future, writing: “Bright from the sight of burning business the next time BLM decides to riot.”

Another Twitter user insulted Mayor de Blasio’s choice of outfit, writing: “De Blasio got dressed in his mom’s closet in the dark.”

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