BLM Release List of Demands for ‘White People’


This didn’t start with George Floyd, Chanelle Helm insists. Black Lives Matter just updated their list of demands for “white people” to comply with that Helm produced a couple years ago. To make the connection to George Soros a little less conspicuous, they used an independent group as a front. Concerned Citizens DC issued a list.


A front group to release the demands

George Soros is a little upset with the bad publicity he’s been getting lately. His name keeps coming up every time someone wonders who’s paying for the signs, the gasoline, and the media hype. When BLM put out a list of demands a couple years ago, the whole idea went down in flames so this time, they got a front group to release a polished press release with their real intentions glossed away. We know how they really feel from what Helm put out the last time.

“It started 600 years ago when white supremacy was a tool for destruction,” the leader of Louisville, Kentucky’s branch of Black Lives Matter said recently. People of color are simply at “the boiling point of that outrage and frustration.” Chanelle Helm is demanding an end to the “broken system of policing that disproportionately hurts people of color.”

If white people haven’t changed their minds in 600 years then its safe to assume that Black Lives Matter hasn’t changed theirs in the past two years. They still want the same things. In 2017 Helm wrote, “Commit to two things: Fighting white supremacy where and how you can (this doesn’t mean taking up knitting, unless you’re making scarves for black and brown kids in need), and funding black and brown people and their work.” White people, she insists should “give up the home you own to a black or brown family.”

Updated for the new situation

With better legal advice than what Ms. Helm had in 2017 and more funding to hire writers who can work without curse words, the updated list of demands was released Wednesday. Along with charges against all four officers in the George Floyd case and “justice for Breonna Taylor” they demand that marijuana be instantly decriminalized.

Ideas like civilian review boards and “nationwide commitment by police forces to end brutal practices” like choke holds, have been on the table for a long time. Minority protesters are now demanding that DC be declared a state.

They also want things to be nicer in prison and a private police force. One of their more interesting ones is they demand people get out and vote and fill out the census forms. Even they realize they don’t have much leverage. They start out “we demand that concerned citizens across this nation reflect that concern in spaces that will affect decision making.” Then they admit they don’t have a leg to stand on. “We encourage everybody to participate in the U.S. Census and to vote.”

They admit they have declared war. The ground had been stained with innocent black blood for centuries. We are fighting now for what America will be.” Even liberal leaning CBS got caught up in the frenzy when Friday’s version of CBS This Morning erupted into racially charged chaos. “Both the hosts and their left-wing guests repeatedly accused all white people of being born with racial ‘privilege’ and taught to be racist as children.” They demand we level the playing field.

  1. Fuck BLM Anti American anti police anti white assholes.Lets talk about all the black on white crimes commited by black criminals.Remember travon Martin and Tawana Brawely and hand’s up all PC liberal media crap.Look anywhere in the world it’s the same shit with welfare scum.haha

  2. This IS a terrorist Organization ! Who do they think they are to make these demands ? This is an ANARCHIST group !

  3. ANTIFA and BLM are far left radical racist groups. They demand much more than sane white folks can or will give. Folks, buy yourself a gun, learn gun safety and practice often. Be ready for the barbarians.

    1. SURE~~ you can stand off the Government with ENDLESS FIREPOWER, if the police with their military equipment isn’t enough, they can call in the military proper–remember BranchDavidians where the Government brought in a tank etc. ? it’s questionable if you or anyone SHOULD have a gun because that essentially gives a cop a reason to kill you claiming S(He) was threatened. An armed citizenry gives the police justification to have the latest killing tools, check out the bobbies in the UK, when they see a problem they start talking rather than shooting–check how many police killings there have been in England! both the police and civilians are unarmed!

      1. He’s talking about defending oneself against these terrorists. If the government because as tyrannical as BLM demands then every citizen will need to be armed. Ther are far more honest citizens in this country than corrupt cops and no honest cop would obey an order to fire upon innocent civilians. If a civil war starts the police and military will no doubt be on the side of conservative Americans.

        1. You are so right about that! Everyone I know who is police or military will side with good conservative Americans against tyranny, be it leftist maniacs or Marxist government.

          1. And that’s why we have to reelect Trump. If Biden gets in this country will fall to the socialists, then the communists!

      2. wrong about the civilans in the UK not having guns.. Some do.. usually they are the BLACK CRIMINAL GANGS.. seem the law doesnt apply to them.

  4. How can that Racist POS considers me a white supremacist. I show equal opportunity to anyone breaking into my house and threatening my family. They will be blown away whether they are red, yellow, black, white, brown, blue or green. Every time you use Black Lives Matter rather than ALL LIVES MATTER or White Supremacy you are the RACIST. You want me to give up my meager home that I worked my azz off for to a black or brown person so I can live in the street you can go to Hell. I cleaned dirty urinals, toilets, sinks and mopped floors for spending money. I paid back a school loan for my education so don’t ever call me white privileged you Racist PIS.

    1. Agree completely. These groups have hi-jacked any rational argument. I’ll give you the shirt off my back but don’t ever make the mistake of demanding it!!

    2. You said it ALL!! I may be “white” (although I never noticed myself glow in the dark), but my grandparents on both sides came here(LEGALLY) from Lithuania. My grandfathers worked 2 jobs 7 days a week. My father worked days and a side job at night, and my mother worked nights. My husband served in the military 20 years, and we raised 2 children on below poverty level salary. So not every “white” person owned a slave, and we sure as HELL never had anything just handed to us–no free housing, no food stamps, no ebt cards. If you don’t think ALL lives matter, go the hell back to “Africa” (BTW, Africa is a “Continent” not a “Country” you morons).

      1. Calvin Bryant I have armed myself to hilt. Not because I want to use guns to solve my problems but, to eradicate what I consider to be the racism in this country that has gotten out of control. They are a threat to our national security.

  5. Why do these people think they are justified in making these demands? Most of them are criminals, don’t work, and are and always have been on welfare – now they want more – give me a break. We have worked hard for everything we have and are still struggling but we don’t make demands for someone else to support us. Crazy liberal democrats think we owe them a good life even though most of us started out poor too, but at least we worked hard for anything we got including food. We didn’t have free college or anything else free for that matter. I have had enough of this nonsense. Vote every Democrat out of office

  6. Probably, when the ships arrived with the slave traders with their prisoners from countries whose leaders sold them, we should have turned them back and we would not be faced with this chaos. My opinion is that the United States has bent over backwards accommodating Blacks. This fiasco has become ridiculous and clearly is not about George Floyd. And I am the first to say that the cop is guilty and he should not have been treated this way! I could hardly watch the video! Cities and communities have been destroyed. People have risked their life savings to open these businesses. Such a mess. We have to have law and order. Civil unrest now!

    1. Mine, too! Not really. Just vamoose BLM! You blew it. Now it’s time for you to crawl in your hole.

  7. It is about the funniest thing I have read so far…and I have read some doozies…yes mazzara message and my family just paid off our 30 year mortgage in 20 years so please take all of our hard work cuz we feel so guilty that you spread your legs everytime a Male was down wind and now needs a house for you and your 4 illegitimate 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  8. If we give them our house what are they going to give us in return? Who’s going to pay our mortgage? Why not go after the rich white people and ask them to support, not the poor white people. I will be willing to give you my job so I can collect welfare and food stamps.

  9. Good luck !!!! Sorry I hate all black people, wait I don’t Hate black people, well I do hate that they are better at basketball then me, but I’m pretty good, My friends call me Larry Bird jr” lol… I don’t know how bad things are but most of the people I see at theses protest look like they doing ok to me, well feed, nice clothes, lots of kids running all around… Only in America! God I love this country.

  10. BLM just another racist group. I am offended that you think anyone owes you anything. I just flushed all your demands down the toilet. If anyone ever threatens me with defamation calling me white privileged I will take them to court. It’s racist an offensive! White people were slaves long before blacks, the Roman Empire whites were kept as slaves beaten and fed to lions for entertainment. Get over history time to stop milking a dry cow. The mentality of the idiots you have as leaders is beyond ridiculous. I came from a poor family, I worked my ass off to get were I am today. Black people have the same opportunities that white people have so stop blaming everyone else because you lack ambition and self confidence . Stop expecting to get things given to you for free nothing is for free. When I die my kids inherit my home and my belongings. If no one survives me I would will it to the SPCA for animals. Work and save your money to acquire homes. Stop living with a mentality that you are owed for something in a time you never existed in. Pathetic liberals who cry poverty blame everyone else for it while wearing all name brand clothing and accessories, have Mega TV’s in every room, spend regular time in nail and hair salons, not to mention tattoos while claiming “ the feel sorry for me card “. If you don’t have nothing you only have yourself to blame. You think that it’s just blacks affected by racism you are sadly mistaken. My son as a young child constantly girly got picked in at school was called names like “whitey” he would come home crying. He was so abused it kept him from wanting to play sports. Racism is just another form of bullying that effects everyone.

    1. Yes, you are so right. The liberals, which is another name for slave masters, are the ones that keep everyone up in arms, keep the fires stoked! If it isn’t a false flag like the social media being used to transplant images of people that are allegedly being killed, which are nothing but actors on a stage for the benefit of stirring up trouble and reactions from those looking on, as was the GF incidentm, as well as others, that keep the fires of racism burning, planting lies in the minds of the population. Yes, the KKK was a demonrat party group that have always kept the black community under their control by one means or another, telling them lies to make them strike out at othersm when they had just as much of a chance as any other skin color to do the same things. We have been brainwashed to believe what they wanted, so it keeps them in control. That is the key, they want tobe in control of everyone, including all races and ethnicities. They are master manipulators. If you have never read the book, The Rope, which I think I still have a copy of, it was written by a black man, telling of the mental bondage of the “plantation’ government, to keep us all in bondage. Yes, I was a child who had a father that abandoned us three and my mother. We had nothing and I also had to work hard for what I have now, God being my helper. I am not bitter at anyone but the evil devil, who uses men to kill, steal and destroy, his only attributes. He continues to try to make us kill one another and hate one another because he has moved us to that point, away fromn love, which is God. when we took prayer and Bible reading out of schools, allowed adults to murder babies yet in the womb, we took one step closer to the Hell satan wants us all to end up in. We cannot allow his lies to bind us and make us his slaves. We have to have a free will that God gave us to love and live and be happy which is what satan hates. So we have to be on guard, as Jesus told us, because the devil is like a roaming lion, seeking whom he may devour…and he will never give up. We have to overcome the world by the sacrifice of Jesus for us all and the Love it took to make that happen. We need to love God and hate evil. The opposite seems to be true now, and look at the result!

  11. Gimme,gimme, gimme. That is all I hear. Blacks sold other blacks into slavery. The whites bought them. Blacks are the number one killer of blacks. Democrats have been using them for decades and literally keeping them poor intentionally.

    1. Yes, the KKK was comprised of Demon rats, which is what I call them, they are not a political party, they are a demonic party that is set on destruction from every angle, first the lives of those they think they control, to the economy that feeds or doesn’t feed us, then to the very government that gives us freedom, which they keep trying to take away by mental barriers. Yes, you can have a home, just get the solar panels, yes, you can have a car, but we want to tell you how far y ou can drive, what gas and how much you can use, and on it goes. Restrictions whi9ch equates to bondage. Don’t fall for their false flags that are nothing but a trap for us to react to, to get us all hurt or killed.

  12. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, this is what these depopulation authorities want, for us to kill one another, so they won’t have to. Don’t be fooled, this was all a hoax to try to have an excuse to hurt and destroy and damage our way of life. If they can get us to do their dirty work, they are happy; They pay these hooligans to destroy and tear down, so don’t fall for it or the appearance of things either! They want you to believe a lie; they stage things to get people to believe something is happening when it is just a hoax, a false flag, an element to stir us up to take action that ultimately hurts us all. It could hurt you, too it you fall for it! So don’t! Stay in your home at peace and let the devil do his damage with someone else, If no one responds, they will keep trying, they always do. But don’t fall into their trap of getting hurt or arrested or worse by doing what they are baiting you to do. Please, see through their evil. God is not in this, it is satan, trying to get you to burn your own house down! Get it? He wants to hurt you, but instead gets you to hurt yourself…quite a trap and a ploy, isn’t it? Don’t fall for the falseness of what you think you are seeing, they are setting you up. Don’t take their bait, you are not a guppy! Respect yourself and others, that way, we are all safe and happy and free. Otherwise we are trapped in their nets for them to do with us as they please. We give up our freedom by falling for their lies.

  13. Simple math will clear a lot of things up.

    America is a majority rule country. Black Americans makeup 13% of the nation’s population. Assuming 50% are male and 50% are female that means 6.5% are male. Assuming half of them are really wonderful men, and I’m sure they are, that leaves 3.25% of really bad actors who are black. Get the picture? Who is sponsoring this war against the 96.75% of the American population that is not violent black citizens?

    The mainstream media and the Democrats and the progressive and the Socialist and the Communists stalinist the leninist and the Muslims. All of these people want to see the destruction of the US Constitution including the Bill of Rights. Actively trying to overthrow the US Constitution is an act of treason on any person’s part. The mainstream media and these people listed are only empowered but uneducated police.

    Train the police to know and understand the US Constitution and make them uphold their oath or count them as enemies of the nation.

    Only police enforce these horrible laws that caused all this distress.

  14. People need to start Gearing up for real This is only the began you all better get your war gear out and Get real here the cop was wrong but this is going way to far this is Racist White people of today don’t owe you shit If the military will not jump in so , its going to be up to us .you all better start Training finding Groups for a civil war is to break out they will loose half there supporters they are all kids the white people protested for them and this is what they do I hope the protesters that are white and marched next to them day and night WAKE UP AMERICA

  15. Our Government better get off their asses and put a stop to these terrorist. If not there will be war.

    1. I believe this, too. It seems that nobody in charge has a handle on this. It is way out of control right now. Our government is supposed to protect us. They are not doing it. I want the army to come in and get them off the streets. I know it’s a last resort thing historicity. But these are different times, far different from anything I have ever experienced, and I’ve been living a long time.

  16. Let me see…The fact is that Mr. Anthony Johnson was the very first slave owner here in America. He was also black. There were 20,000 slaves owned around the time of the civil war owned by no other than free blacks themselves. Many owned their own relatives. Does anyone besides me wonder why they didn’t just turn loose their relatives? Irish were slaves longer than blacks believe it or not but I bet you will never learn this in today’s media. Oh well, why let facts stand in your way huh?

  17. hey they have to talk to the right people . The democrats were is charge of the KKK you know the party they always vote for.


  19. I do not negotiate with terrorists. These people do not repesent all of my fellow black Americans. The people I know and my daily interactions with anyone. I live in between DC and Richmond VA and most of us are just living trying to do the best we can. They can as other commenters have stated GO F-+k THEMSELVES!

  20. How pathetic these people are to constantly demand other people take care of them and give them things. They obviously have conceded to the fact that they are worthless know nothings that cannot take care of themselves and they either need to steal and loot or beg for what they need. Or they have such victim mentalities that they actually think the world owes them something. Either way, They are a joke and we would all be better off without them. And I am talking about BLM people. Not black people in general. I know conservative blacks that will never let you call them a victim and they despise these BLM grifters just as much if not more than white conservatives do.

  21. Let’s just have the tribal war now.Consider the result in Rwanda when a well-armed majority and a well-armed minority went at it… Lesson learned.

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