BOOM: 3 ANTIFA Thugs Arrested as DOJ Drops The Hammer on American Terrorists


The Department of Justice is going after radical Antifa domestic terrorists in a big way. They seriously dropped the hammer on three violent thugs in Austin, Texas, who were caught in the act of a pre-planned Target looting. They were surprised to learn that the FBI joined their Facebook group.


All affiliated with Antifa

Everyone that showed up to loot the Target store in Austin, Texas at the the Capital Plaza was there because Antifa invited them. That makes them Antifa members no matter which particular clan of anarchists they affiliate with. Whoever runs the Mike Ramos Brigade page on Facebook is a designated Antifa terrorist. These criminals may look like children but they’re all adults and Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw insists they are “violent extremists.”

What Antifa didn’t know was that Agents with the Austin Police Department’s Strategic Intelligence Unit had infiltrated the group. They watched the whole plot unfold in real time. The riot was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. sharp.

Skye Elder, a “known Antifa member” was fashionably early when undercover agents spotted her walking through the parking lot. Task force members were able to “positively identify” Elder “as he walked through a parking lot near the Target around 5:45 p.m.” Since Elder was not wearing a mask, the agent wrote that he “was able to clearly recognize Elder from a separate investigation.”

Watching as it happened

Alleged fellow members of the “anti-government group” Defend Our Hoodz Lisa Hogan and Samuel Miller were identified and arrested as part of the sting. Hogan was hosting Antifa’s Facebook live stream of the riot, which investigators wrote in court records they “were watching as it happened.” Of course, it was posted on the Mike Ramos Brigade page. Come on down, Hogan invited. “even if you don’t want to loot.”

After the riot got underway, “a vehicle pulled up to the Target and agents reported seeing Miller climb out. Agents reported that Miller ‘ripped’ the camera system off the outside wall of the store.” That’s about when “several people in the group started to rip the plywood off the doors and smash through a glass door and got inside.” They conveniently staged shopping carts “in such a way to slow down law enforcement’s response to the looting.” That was planned.

They tried to be casual about it. 20 to 30 “members of the riot held up a sheet over the front of the store ‘to conceal the nefarious activity’ happening at the front doors.” Several of the looters were identified by APD “as belonging to the Austin Red Guards.” ARG is “a self-identified communist/socialist ANTIFA group.”

The mob did around “$11,000 in damage to the building and security camera system and the looting caused Target to lose another $10,000 in theft,” according to court records filed Monday. Elder faces one count of burglary, a felony. Hogan is looking at a charge of rioting and one for burglary. Miller is charged with two counts of criminal mischief and one count of burglary.

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