Corrupt Anti-White Marxist Leader Lands Indoctrination Op


Embattled anti-white BLM leader Patrisse Cullors was chosen by University of California, Los Angeles to deliver a commencement speech. The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs invited Cullors to remotely speak at a commencement ceremony on June 11. Cullors only recently stepped away from her leading role in the national Black Lives Matter organization amid controversy over her extravagant spending and accusations of corruption from other activists.


Anti-white activist is “ideal person” for UCLA

UCLA Luskin Dean Gary Segura said of Cullors that “She is the ideal person to deliver a message of mission to our 2021 graduates.”

Cullors was a co-founder of the anti-white BLM movement and has enjoyed a rapid rise in power and fame with the victory of that movement.

While she identifies herself as a “trained Marxist” Cullors has shown no qualms about embracing the personal wealth she has acquired through her career as an activist.

Cullors paid herself a lavish salary as the leader of multiple leftist non-profit groups. Her memoir became a New York Times best-seller as a result of her position with BLM and brought in even more money for Cullors.

Much of this fortune was spent on a number of expensive houses in primarily white neighborhoods. This property acquisition hobby proved to be somewhat controversial for an anti-white self-proclaimed Marxist leader.

The activist has adamantly denied that she abused her positions to steal donations, arguing that she paid for these houses with the profits she earned from her book.

Marxist continues to get richer

Criticism of Cullors mounted before her resignation from the national BLM organization, which she claimed had nothing to do with any of the scandals which surrounded her at the time.

In addition to the UCLA speaking opportunity, she has signed a production deal with Warner Bros. which is sure to be another major money making venture for the activist.

For a Marxist to be receiving so many offers from mainstream universities and corporations might seem surprising, but in fact Cullors and her group have been funded extensively by large corporations.

Other leading supporters of the anti-white cause have accused Cullors of being insufficiently supportive or willing to share the wealth around as her Marxist principles would seemingly demand.

UCLA remained undeterred by the controversy surrounding their speaker. In a laudatory  statement about Cullors, a UCLA alumna, the Luskin School claimed that the work she does is “way past due”

The contents of the speech itself are unclear, but given the former record of Patrisse Cullors, the opportunity was undoubtedly used to spread anti-white propaganda and Cullors undoubtedly expects to get something out of it for herself.

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