County Issues Face Mask Order That Exempts Non-White People


White people, and only white people, are required to wear an identifying mask. Lincoln County, Oregon just issued a blatantly racist ordinance and nobody batted an eye. Officials now know that the masks don’t provide any real protection from Covid-19. Rioters didn’t care one bit about crowd size or social distancing. Face coverings became much more of a fashion statement, combined with surveillance camera avoidance for looting convenience. It’s almost as if it was planned in advance.

White people must wear a mask

Everyone in Lincoln County, Oregon is required to wear a mask “in public settings where they may come within six feet of another individual who is not from the same household.” Well, not everyone.

“People of color” do not have to follow the new rule if they claim “heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment.” Black folks can wear face coverings as they choose. Putting them on for riots, taking them off for shopping. Any non-white person has the option.

For whites, it’s mandatory. Health officials announced that “No person shall intimidate or harass people who do not comply.” Unless they’re white, because obviously, white people are never subject to racial profiling.

Covid-19 covers ‘dangerous’ for non-whites

The American Civil Liberties Union is terribly concerned that “directives compelling use” of a mask, to prevent the spread of the Kung Flu, could “put non-white people in danger.”

The decision, “whether or not to wear a bandanna in public to protect themselves and others from contracting coronavirus,” ReNika Moore claims, “is a lose-lose situation that can result in life-threatening consequences either way.” She heads the Racial Justice Program for ACLU.

Trevon Logan, who happens to be black, is convinced that being ordered to wear a mask is equivalent to a death sentence. “Basically telling people to look dangerous given racial stereotypes that are out there.” He says you have to look at the big picture. “This is in the larger context of black men fitting the description of a suspect who has a hood on, who has a face covering on.” In his time off from civil activism, Professor Logan indoctrinates young minds in economics at Ohio State University. “It looks like almost every criminal sketch of any garden-variety black suspect.” White folks never look like Jesse James either.

  1. This is stupid and asinine as they come. So white people where your mask, because they want the blacks to get the virus, does that sound right. What morons come up with this bull shit.

  2. Why don’t they wear a normal mask and not a hood, maybe then no-one would mistake them for
    a Thug.

  3. We weren’t a racist country till Obama got ahold of the country. Now everything is being driven to be racist What idiotic politicians with idiotic ideas

  4. Keep voting in the dumbest, most incompetent democrats you can possibly imagine and you will continue getting more of the same. To be fair, I’d be willing to bet most folks didn’t realize just how idiotic the kind of people who run for office actually are until they actually saw them try to make a rational decision.

  5. Professor Logan indoctrinates young minds in economics at Ohio State University. “It looks like almost every criminal sketch of any garden-variety black suspect.” So he’s saying all blacks look alike? What a dufus.

  6. Hmm, if ‘black’ people are not required to wear a mask, you run the chance that any one of them might be a potential criminal not in disguise–so watch out people required to wear a mask, take no chances, make sure your mask securely covers your mouth and nose in case you get near or talk with a maskless black person(s).

  7. Every week in every major Democrat controlled city…dozens of black people are shot and killed by other black people..including many black children…yet the left wing propaganda machine never talks about that….instead it’s trump that is at fault for over 60 years of Democrat failures and lies..false promises and changing their years of failures on everyone but themselves.

  8. I live in Newport, Oregon and they tried to force me to put on the mask they supplied in this small grocery. My hands are full and I`m behind a black woman in her 30s? What`s the deal here? Put it on- put it on. The ni***r in front of me was smiling and she didn`t move forward where I could put my groceries on the rubber belt. How about you moving your hazz the checker is waiting on you. Don`t even start something I grew up in the Watts riots. The checker says put it on so I threw the canned goods on the pully with a crash hitting Bualas groceries. If looks could kill. She had rung me up and I was still without the mask. Put it on when she took my money off the top of my cans. There was no change coming. I picked up my groceries and told her and the manager to go f**k themselves {*j*} You didn`t call out that black woman for not having a mask on. The riots were a put-on now Florida is going into a shutdown. They are going to use the Coronavirus to force a mail-in ballot. They are using all of this to divide the USA. There were no cases of coronavirus until you sack of scheit Democrats put your pen to the order in this state? Now the southern coast of Oregon is dealing with their politics.
    I am going to tell you something. The best thing you can do is stay away from the southern Oregon coast. You will get your hazz handed to you. Were all geared up and ready we want some pay back. Why Ron Wyden is still with us is beyond comprehension. Maybe he is being blackmailed for a % of the MASK deal he made with Mexico. You ni***rs want what? How about getting rid of you and making the 30 million illegals by now citizens of this country. They can have your job and you can learn what a green mamba is. Yeah, Floyd who???????????????????????? You are going to be jailed or dead.

  9. Margaret Sanger would be proud of the Democrat genocidal ruling to allow people of color remain in danger, with out masks. Planned Parenthood will continue to reduce the population of people of color. It is a Democrat Genocide operation.

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