Failed Adviser Fiona Hill Rolls Deep Into Russia

Fiona Hill

Former Trump national security adviser Fiona Hill wrote an op-ed in the New York Times warning that the United States is “ripe for manipulation” by Russia in the November election.


“And the truth is, Americans must recognize that the United States is ripe for manipulation. With a month to go before Election Day, we are ripping ourselves apart,” Hill wrote.

The former adviser wrote that the true weakness of the United States right now is the divisiveness and polarization which is prevalent in today’s politics.

This op-ed by Hill comes shortly after the Department of Homeland Security said that Russia is likely a key nation involved in spreading disinformation and misinformation in the United States. According to the DHS, Russia’s goal is to “increase political standing and influence by weakening America.”

Russia has consistently been on the radar of U.S. intelligence for election interference. During the summer, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center William Evanina warned that Iran, Russia, and China were trying to influence the election.

According to Evanina, China and Iran would prefer that Joe Biden win the election, while Russia would prefer President Trump.

Robert O’Brien, Trump’s current national security adviser, met with his Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev in Geneva earlier this week. During the meeting, he warned Patrushev that there would be “absolutely no tolerance for any interference” in the November election.

Hill’s op-ed criticized O’Brien’s meeting, calling it “pointless” and saying that it “misrepresents how Russia actually interferes with our affairs.”

The former national security adviser was a witness in President Trump’s impeachment hearings, but said in her op-ed that the idea that Russian interference determined the outcome of the presidential election in 2016 is “overstated.” She also stated that the thought would have “never resonated so loudly without our deep polarization.”

Hill wrote in the New York Times that the influence campaign by Russia in the 2016 election “was a creative mix of old-style propaganda techniques and new cybertools,” adding that the country’s state-sponsored news outlets magnified “the most divisive U.S. political conflicts.”

She also mentioned that Russia took advantage of our divisiveness in 2016, and now in 2020, as we are more divided than ever, they will use that to their advantage.

“Today, we are even more fractured than in 2016. What was then a vulnerability is now a full-blown national security crisis,” Hill said.

Speaking about the upcoming election, Hill wrote: “By overplaying Russia’s ability to influence the vote, American politicians and pundits conceded victory to Russia and its intelligence agencies. Instead, we should have focused on fixing our own faults.”

As usual, a political actor is discussing Russian interference in the election, while also talking about the need to lessen political division within the country. Those two statements are a contradiction. The more the media and the left focus on Russia and try to demonize conservatives as ‘agents of Russia’, the more divided the country becomes.

  1. If Americans are that easily swayed by foreign interference, you’re the fool that constantly looks up during a rain storm and drowns. The division is democrats, they’ve alwYs fostered division. Historically voted against civil rights, and spent tax dollars like it was their own money. Pssst… Democrats, there will bean accounting, for 4 years you cried wolf and accomplished nothing. Now with the recent declass, we know you’re guilty.

  2. Why didn’t she say any thing about Iran and China’s interference in our elections to help Communist Biden win ????

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