HERE are the 6 States That Could Decide the 2020 Presidential Election


As the 2020 presidential election looms closer with it being less than two months away, President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are battling to capture key states.

The Untrustworthy Media

Americans learned in 2016 when the media reported that national polls gave a 95% plus odds of  Hillary Clinton winning, that the news is very fake.

Well, the same polls are suggesting that Biden has a comfortable lead in many states, but Republicans are not quick to buy-in.

There are six main battleground states that will most likely ultimately decide the election.

Battleground States

The main six swing states are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Everything Lubbock reports.

Trump was able to flip Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from the Democrats in the general election.

“The advertising spending and the travel of both campaigns made clear those six are kind of the concentrated core of the battleground map,” said Bill Barrow, National Political Reporter for the Associated Press.

“Michigan, it’s worth noting, was the closest of those six,” Barrow added. “Donald Trump won Michigan by 10,700 votes, which is just a razor-thin margin in presidential politics. And it’s hard to imagine any scenario in which Joe Biden becomes president of the United States without flipping a state like Michigan.”

The Biden campaign is working hard at taking Midwestern states as well as going after Arizona and Florida.

Will the Coronavirus Still be a Determinant?

While President Trump has done well in handling the coronavirus, the media and Democrats have been claiming he has done a bad job during the virus outbreak.

“It’s that same demographic that is hurting the president in Florida. Arizona is one that the Trump campaign didn’t think they’d have to fight too hard for. They now do. And in fact, there’s a growing fear that if Arizona slips away, they’ll have to make up those Electoral College votes somewhere else,” White House Reporter for the Associated Press, Jonathan Lemire said.

The battle rages on, and with eight weeks until the election, the top six battleground states are getting more attention.

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