Famous Coroner Confirms Shocking Story of Epstein’s Girlfriend


A world famous coroner turned medical detective provides shocking new evidence backing up what Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend said back in April. Karyna Shuliak dropped a major bombshell when she told prosecutors that when she spoke with the accused pedophile the night he died, she “was not under the impression” her lover “was suicidal.” The former medical examiner known as “the real life Quincy” did an independent exam. Cyril Wecht agrees that Jeffery Epstein didn’t hang himself.


Not just any coroner

Cyril Wecht isn’t just any coroner. The independent forensic pathologist is “a nationally recognized medical-legal consultant, author and expert on many of the highest-profile deaths in the past half-century.” He’s the one used as a model for the television series “Quincy.” Wecht is extremely familiar with both autopsies and conspiracies.

After Epstein’s death had been ruled a suicide, Wecht was hired by Epstein’s brother to do an independent probe. The results were recently aired on the Netflix special “Filthy Rich.” What he found supports the story told by Karyna Shuliak.

There is “no evidence at all” to suggest that “Epstein had jumped or leaped from his bunk.” There was other evidence though. Epstein’s hyoid bone was broken in three places. “You do not get those three fractures with a suicidal hanging of someone leaning forward.” Since leaning forward is the official story and he didn’t jump, then he didn’t hang himself.

Producers of 70’s TV show “Quincy” used Cyril Wecht as their model.

In Cyril Wecht’s entire career as a medical examiner, “he’s never seen such fractures in his history of doing autopsies.” It took force to fracture “the horn on the hyoid bone, and on the left and right sides of the thyroid cartilage.”

The call to his girlfriend

The night before he died, Epstein spoke to his girlfriend on the phone. A federal prosecutor from New York’s Southern District was going through the tapes so he reached out to see if she could provide any insight beyond the words in the recording. When Karyna Shuliak hung up the phone she “was not under the impression Epstein was suicidal.” His legal team was shocked by the news as well. They “did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person.” Coroner Wecht confirms they were right.

A sample hyoid bone.

She didn’t tell the attorneys about any “hidden meanings that could only be understood by the duo that had been together for four or five years,” but she was clearly as surprised as everyone else. She also was afraid to say much because she may end up on a witness stand as a defendant herself.

Doctor Shuliak may face criminal charges

The judge in the Virgin Islands recently approved a settlement agreement between the victims and the estate. It is believed at this time that the victims will be allowed to proceed against the co-conspirators.

Doctor Karyna Shuliak, DDS, was in her thirties while involved with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, she was also legally married to one of the underage female victims, Jennifer Kalin. If that weren’t enough, the dentist kept a chair and facilities set up in a bathroom at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. She allegedly performed dental work for everyone in Epstein’s entourage.

It appears that Shuliak really was “in love” with Epstein and spent the summer with him in Paris just before he was arrested at Teterboro Airport on his return. Karyna flew separately back to her own home in Belarus, where she grew up.

Suicide in jail isn’t ‘easy’ coroner says

According to Dr. Wecht, it isn’t easy to kill yourself in a jail cell, not if the guards are actually paying attention. “If you take care of certain things with regard to clothing, bedding, make sure that nothing can be used as a makeshift ligature to be affixed to some part of the bunk bed or the steel bars of the jail, such people are limited to how they can commit suicide.”

Shuliak kept a dental chair in his mansion

The “usual way” Wecht explains, “is not so easily done because while you and your conscious mind want to kill yourself, your subconscious level says ‘no.’ The body will defend itself.” Before both the official autopsy and his own investigation, Wecht thought foul play was likely. “A victim can be suffocated or strangled, then posed for a hanging. I’ve had a few cases like that over the years.” At the time, he expected the New York Medical examiner to be able to tell the difference.

Last August the coroner noted, “with who he is, what he is in jail for, and the people who have been named… this is a highly suspicious case, highly problematic because of all the people involved. Had he lived, we would have seen, when he came to trial, what was disclosed. Now, with him gone, you can’t help but be suspicious.”

Karyna Shuliak and Jennifer Kalin were legally married.


  1. Another one of many cover up, don’t look any further than the Clintons.

    Some day, soon I hope, these two criminals will face their maker. They will end up at Satan’s door.

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