Flag Burning and Theft Go Unchecked in Democrat Stronghold


As the city of New York continues to deteriorate under the malicious mismanagement of Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his dangerous, BLM motivated ‘Defund The Police’ narrative, activists turned arsonists are plaguing the patriotic citizens of the five boroughs with impunity, unchecked and unchallenged. Footage released by The New York Post has shown a pair of women in broad daylight, vandalizing a local Brooklyn shop, stealing their ‘thin blue line’ American flag, and casually sitting down on the sidewalk and burning it.

The pair can be seen getting help from a passerby attempting to light the symbol of freedom, law, and order which burned slowly and somewhat anticlimactically. At least the standard’s manufacturers didn’t make it easy for them. The three stood around listlessly for about seven minutes relighting the flag dozens of times as it burned in low orange flames until all that remained were burned scraps and char on the sidewalk.

Vandalism, Theft & Flag Burning With Impunity In DeBlasio’s NYC

The flag, well known to symbolize support for law enforcement officers and agencies was stolen from Nocera Auto Repairs according to authorities. The owner, Mr. Eric Nocera filed a report with badly understaffed and underfunded NYPD and posted a video of the flag being burned to YouTube.

“These two low lifes claimed [sic] up my shop and took down my flag and set it on fire,” Nocera told The New York Post in a text to their photographer.

Nocera and his son, both vocal supporters of President Trump have reportedly protested outside of their local public school on November 3rd where they were confronted by several triggered leftists.

The NYPD tweeted about the incident,

“After arriving, officers discovered a Trump supporter and another voter were harassing each other outside the polling site. Officers on scene spent nearly an hour resolving this issue. Both parties were offered the opportunity to file a police report, which both declined,” 

It remains unknown if the Noceras were targeted due to their conservative activism, but it seems likely. The two women fled on foot and have not been arrested. If this keeps up, then a flag will not be the only thing in New York City burning, just take a look at Melbourne, Australia… we’re a matter of months away from it.

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