Fox News Hosts FREAK OUT, Cut to Commercial… ‘What’s Going On?!’

Fox News
fox news

There was a little drama on-air at Fox News recently during a segment of “Outnumbered.”

While the show was airing, co-host Harris Faulkner suddenly stood up and looked worried about something that was taking place just outside the studio.

Seconds later, the entire crew noticed, then the show cut to commercial.

What’s Going On?

This quick video created quite the online buzz…

If we go by that reply, there was apparently a bit of a scuffle just outside the studio.

Fox News never clarified what it was, and the hosts of the show did not elaborate once the show came back on.

Regardless, at least it got Fox News a positive buzz, something the network has been lacking since it parted ways with Tucker Carlson.

Fox News’ rankings have tanked since Tucker was sent on his merry way, as the MAGA crowd has sought out alternative programming.

In all likelihood, most of the viewers that left Fox News are now watching Newsmax for their news fix every day.

For his part, Tucker Carlson is still a man without a country, so to speak, although he has posted a view videos on Twitter.

However, Fox News has already filed a cease and desist order against him, stating those videos are a breach of his contract.

Carlson, even though he was taken off the air, remains under contract with Fox News through the end of the 2024 election cycle, a contract he has been trying to break since he was removed from the air.

Source: Conservative Brief

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