Hoax Committee Issues New Round of Subpoenas, Now Targeting THESE Citizens


House Democrats are attempting to revive January 6 conspiracy theories with a new round of subpoenas aimed at Stop the Steal organizers. The committee has struggled to invent any evidence for an organized plot behind the January 6 protest. Stop the Steal appears to be the newest hope for Democrats who want to support the struggling narrative which alleges an organized and pre-planned storming of the Capitol.


Subpoenas for Stop the Steal organizers

The subpoenas target individuals who were involved in organizing the nationwide protests which alleged that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Democrats claim that these subpoenas are necessary to understand the planning and organization of the January 6 storming of the Capitol.

Of course, the truth is that there was no planning or organization. Even FBI informants in the crowd that day reported that the Capitol protest was a spontaneous event.

The FBI itself has desperately sought after any hint of premeditation in an effort to supply the kind of conspiracy evidence which will support the claims of House Democrats.

The Democrats have been occasionally frustrated in their efforts to subpoena former Trump administration officials, thwarting their attempts to link the White House directly to the events at the Capitol.

Cooperation from Republicans has been very limited as most of the party continues to reject the committee as an act of partisan theater.

Keeping the narrative alive

Even as their conspiracy theories have fallen apart, Democrats have continued to intensify their rhetoric relating to January 6.

Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats have consciously tried to draw parallels between the event and the 9/11 attacks. The committee itself is at the center of this effort.

The latest subpoenas are yet another attempt to imply that Republicans who protested the results of the election and claimed that the results were fraudulent should be associated with domestic terrorism.

This is one of the many active efforts the government has initiated with the intention of painting American citizens who oppose the current agenda as extremists who must be monitored.

Failure to invent any “proof” of a real conspiracy will ruin the campaign to cast January 6 as the 9/11 of the new campaign against the imaginary specter of far right domestic terrorism.

House Democrats must be fully aware now that there is no evidence to support their claims but that surely will not keep them from milking their January 6 committee for all it’s worth.

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