Hollywood Actor and California Resident Releases Inspiring Endorsement [Watch]

Hollywood Actor and California Resident Releases Inspiring Endorsement

A Hollywood actor and California resident has released an inspiring endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.


The recall election against California Governor Gavin Newsom on September 14th is an unbelievably important event. With California headed down the path of no return, having Republican Larry Elder as the state’s governor may be the only chance California has to stop resembling a third world country.

DJHJ Media reports: “The revolution of Larry Elder, if he wins in Tuesday’s recall election, will ignite a fire against totalitarianism throughout our country and serve as a wake up call to woke politicians by pointing out you can’t push people too far. This would be an uprising that will send a huge message around the world.”

Jon Voight, a well-known figure in Hollywood and a patriotic American, has announced his support for Elder’s candidacy in a video shared on Twitter.

“My fellow Americans, we are in a disgusting war of left-wing mentality. How can we live with our children being exposed to this left, our governor Newsom, and his demands for shots? How can we be taken down by such wrongdoing against our freedom, our rights as humans, as Americans?” the Hollywood star asked.

“Let us vote for Elder, Larry Elder,” Voight said. “Let our states be saved with truths, with a force of God’s rules, not leftist rules that will destroy our young. I will stand for Elder. I will ask all to vote for this man of dignity, of truths, not of power, not of lies.”

“We the people deserve a chance to bloom with our greatest gifts. Our children of God, we must save them from this deceit. Let us bring Elder in to reconstruct our state with integrity, with honor, with truths. Let us rid this horror, Newsom, and let our nation be lifted from this darkness,” the Hollywood star continued.

“We the people must understand and see these lies,” Voight added. “And I want you all to remember our God-given gifts, our forefathers’ fight for our freedom of choice – not for mandatory or to force to control one’s beliefs – but to honor one’s will, one’s free will without control. For freedom, for our American dream, the dream all came from all over the world to be a part of. Freedom. And now it’s being destroyed, but I’ll pray and I will say that man is powerful and God’s love is here and we can all take our freedom back.”

“Because we are God’s true heroes, his children, his creation of free will, of love. And we all must not forget the truth. And we all must not fear, for God is here. And my fellow Americans, lies will die and truth will stay alive. Don’t allow our state to crumble any longer. Let us bring the California country to her best yet. Elder will help us save her,” the Hollywood star concluded.

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