James Woods is Back in a BIG way…Sends Dems Running For the Hills

James Woods
Photo Courtesy of Alan Light via Creative Commons License

James Woods has not been on Twitter since April 2019, but he is back.

For the last year, Woods has silently sat back while the Democrat party ran its coup against Trump but that all changed on Thursday when he returned to Twitter with a fury.

The Vocal Conservative Actor

James Woods is a rare breed… a conservative Hollywood actor.

Woods has always supported Trump and while his tweets have always been entertaining, it surely cost him in his career as an actor.

Woods went silent on Twitter on April 19, 2019, shocking most of his followers.

That changed on Thursday with a tweet about some rather idiotic statements made by AOC…

Woods then went after the DNC over the Iowa debacle with an epic tweet…

The message of the day, though, was calling out Democrats for putting a failed hero label on people like Lt. Col. Vindman and the whistleblower that started the ball rolling on the impeachment.

He absolutely hit it out of the park by demanding people like Li Wenliang, who went public with concerns about the coronavirus very early on, as true hero whistleblowers…

We Won’t Be Silenced

The frustration James Woods experienced with Twitter is very common among conservatives regarding social media.

The fact is we need people like him because smaller voices such as ours are often silenced on social media.

On Facebook, for instance, conservative pages are now lucky to get more than one percent reach on most of their posts (the norm used to be 10 percent or more).

On Twitter, it is virtually impossible to get any traction unless you are a major personality like Woods.

Woods could say hello and get 20,000 retweets within minutes.

His brashness, though, is what is so important to fight against corrupt Democrats and this new breed of socialist that is taking over their party.

Welcome back, Mr. Woods… we missed you!


  1. James Woods must be one of the smartest people ever, he tweets and the world listens, just like President Trump and his tweets.

  2. I like James Woods as an actor and especially as a conservative voice in the sewer that is Twitter. He is likely being black balled by the Hollywood left and that’s a shame. Go get them James.


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