Major Benghazi Style Arms Deal Served Up By Joe and Hillary is Now Unmasked


Against a backdrop of serious diplomatic problems with Russia, which were driving John Kerry totally bananas, there was a brewing Benghazi style arms deal with the Ukraine in the works. The entire scheme hinged on Hillary Clinton winning the election. A recent Twitter post unmasked a major international meeting. Only days before a big gathering hosted by Joe Biden with a herd of Ukrainian officials, to discuss Ukraine’s ongoing problems with the Russians – and their lack of weapons to solve them – word hit the street that Hillary’s emails were about to be leaked. Everyone panicked. Many of the pieces are still missing from the puzzle but the image that is beginning to take shape strongly suggests that Guccifer 2.0 may have been cooked up in a brain storming session during that very meeting. The timing is suspiciously coincidental.

Ukraine wanted arms and everyone hated the Russians

By June of 2016 everyone in the both Barack Obama’s administration and the Ukraine were fed up with the Russians. The Eastern European nation desperately needed weapons to repel the ongoing Russian invasion but Obama was afraid of getting Putin mad at him, so the Kenyan refused to sell any heavy arms to the Ukraine government.

Joe Biden wasn’t so closed-minded. His son Hunter Biden had a cushy job on a Ukrainian Gas company. One that was also mad at the Russians. It seems they were about to lose a lot of money when the Kremlin shifted the flow of gas to Europe into their new Nord Stream 2 pipeline, bypassing the Ukraine and their usage fees.

It appears that Biden was close to negotiating a behind the scenes arms deal like the one that was allegedly being run from the embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Obama wasn’t going to be around much longer, with his second term coming to an end. Hillary Clinton was certain to approve the weapons transfer, but first she had to be sitting in the Oval Office. All was going well until three days before the big meeting, then chaos broke loose.

Crapping on the carpet

By march of 2016, John Kerry was so fed up with the antics of Russian intelligence and security services that he formally asked them to cut it out. He was ignored. American diplomatic staff and their families stationed in Moscow were reporting incidents ranging from the annoying to the bizarre. Diplomats reported being followed, which isn’t surprising. Neither were spooks showing up uninvited at social events.

What really got them nervous was when diplomats started reporting things like an incident where “Russian intruders had broken into their homes late at night, only to rearrange the furniture or turn on all the lights and televisions, and then leave.” According to one diplomat, “an intruder had defecated on his living room carpet.” All of it was allegedly in retaliation for Obama’s sanctions. “The widely reported harassment is another front in the gray war. They are hitting American diplomats literally where they live.” It almost turned into an arms race.

Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland “set up regular inter-agency meetings on tracking and responding to the incidents.” At one point, someone suggested crapping on the Russian diplomat’s carpet in retaliation. Obama said no. “Ultimately President Obama made the decision not to respond with similar measures against Russian diplomats.”

Impending disaster over Wikileaks

Just when things were looking good all the way around for Hillary and the Ukrainian arms deal, the roof caved in. On June 12, 2016, the British news outlets started reporting that Wikileaks “had obtained and planned to publish a batch of emails ‘in relation to Hillary Clinton.'” That put the weapon deal with the Ukraine in immediate jeopardy. Speculation suggests that there could have been a frenzy of behind the scenes phone calls to blame it all on the Russians. That was a good place to start until they could figure out how to control the damage.

By getting out in front of the narrative an blaming Putin, it would solve all their problems at once. Russia was the biggest thorn in the side of Kerry’s State Department and Victoria Nuland. If Hillary won the election, she would inevitably have to deal with Putin head on. Giving Ukraine battle arms and sending them off to defend their border would be a distraction to the Kremlin. After the election, Trump would no longer be an issue, and neither would Obama. The only enemy for both Ukraine and Hillary Clinton to worry about was Russia. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The very next day, Washington Post reported, the “Russian government hacked DNC computers.” The day after that, one day before the big meeting between Joe Biden and Ukraine’s VIP’s, “officials of the DNC announced that Russian government hackers had penetrated its computer network.”

By the time the June 15, 2016 meeting occurred, everyone had already decided to blame Russia for everything. A whole herd of Ukrainians signed Joe Biden’s visitor log that day, along with Victoria Nuland. Ukrainians didn’t make a habit of visiting the White House. The meeting apparently turned into a brain storming session on how to deal with Hillary’s leaked emails to make sure she won the election, so they could get their arms.

Right after the meeting broke up, “Guccifer 2.0” claimed full and total responsibility for the DNC hack attack. Not only that, the file metadata has the name of Joe Biden’s Information Technology assistant, Warren Flood all over it. The metadata on the documents in question show “the name of the person who actually copied the original document.” It is an “irrefutable fact” that “in the documents unveiled by Guccifer 2.0,” Warren Flood’s name shows up on several documents attributed to “Guccifer 2.0.”

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