Major SuperPAC Vows to Defend Presidential Candidate from GOP Attacks

He is going to need it!
Joe Biden
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

The entire Democrat establishment is falling in line not only behind Joe Biden but also in front of him for protection.

As Biden continues to gain momentum, the biggest and most powerful SuperPAC on the left has vowed to get behind Biden and protect him for the expected onslaught of attacks by the Trump campaign.

The Attacks Are Coming

Joe Biden has two weaknesses… his mental health and his record.

The Trump campaign will very soon be going on an all-out assault to take Biden down and get Trump re-elected.

Priorities USA, arguably the most powerful left-wing SuperPac, is ramping up to do battle to protect their candidates.

Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA, stated, “Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress have made it clear that they view Joe Biden as the likely Democratic nominee, and are beginning to attack him in an effort to define the race before our primary is officially over and the nominee can defend himself.

“We will not allow that to go unanswered.”

The SuperPAC has reportedly already started its research and is putting together counterattack ads, saying it is “prepared to fight back against any false attack waged by Republicans against Joe Biden.”

Joe Not Helping

Everything may seem like roses for Biden right now, but that is all going to change once he is proclaimed the nominee.

If Bernie Sanders fights Biden all the way to Milwaukee, Biden is going to have a hard time keeping it all together.

The campaigning has taken a toll on Biden and it starting to show significantly in his public appearances.

When Biden only makes the occasional appearance, he does great.

When Biden is forced to stack up events, stay on his feet, and remain on the campaign trail, he becomes flustered and walks around like a frail old man.

More than a few people suspect Biden is in the early stages of dementia and if that is true, no SuperPAC will be able to save or protect him.

The sad thing is the entire Democrat party knows this and they are complicit in continuing to march Biden out there knowing he is on the verge of a mental and/or physical collapse.

  1. Defending Joe Biden: “Senator Biden is NOT losing his marbles! His words just make him seem stupid.” Or, “Senator Biden isn’t senile, he’s just so smart his mouth can’t keep up with his brain!” How do you defend this guy? It’s like Monty Python saying the parrot isn’t dead.

  2. Hey Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA:

    You actually want to promote this POS Joe BiteMe, knowing he is seriously impaired by mental issues? Are you EFFING CRAZY?
    Shows your hatred of the US. You are actually putting money behind this idiot? And you THINK he is a better choice than President Trump?
    So waste your money, A$$HOLE!

  3. To Chris Berg, Man, you said it perfectly. It does show how deep the swamp is, and none of us really knew how deep it is. If I was Trump, I wouldn’t make a major deal out of Biden’s screw-ups before the election, which Trump is going to win anyway, unless the treachery of the dems can overcome him. BUT, after the election, I would sic the dogs on him for everything the family has done.

  4. Just goes to show how stupid Americans have become to even think of electing a communist like Bernie or a senile like Biden as president.

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