Major U.S. City Becomes Wild West Following Democrat Dangerous Rhetoric


When people hear the phrase “Wild West,” the last place that comes to mind is Cincinnati, Ohio. Two young gunslingers drew down on each other in the park and the contest came out a draw. Both are pushing up daisies in boot hill now. Dangerous democrat rhetoric is to blame for the Antifa® brand anarchy of our times.

Wild West gun-play in Smale Park

You know society is in trouble when two young punks shoot each other and innocent bystanders too, then have their weapons hijacked before the cops arrive. Two teen bushwhackers aimed and fired right at each other and both hit their target. Game over and no more quarters.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac wishes they wouldn’t do that in the park. It was especially tacky to draw down on each other on the 4th of July. Surprisingly, it wasn’t America’s first wild west gunfight of the day. A car wash in San Antonio was the scene of a similar battle. In that one, the only ones who didn’t get hit were the ones fighting. They left 8 wounded bystanders on the ground for the cops to find.

Smale Park is described as a “popular riverfront location” and around 10:48 p.m. on Independence Day, there were “between 400 and 500 people” hanging out. Colonel Lisa Davis says the area was a “big, complicated scene” where between 400 and 500 people were present.

The wild west action got started as an encore to the Cincinnati Reds victory over the Chicago Cubs. The fireworks had just ended. Then bullets started flying like rain. “Sixteen-year-olds, fifteen-year-olds should be able to come to a park on a given evening, a holiday weekend, and not have to be subject to gunfire,” Chief Isaac relates.

Local reporter Brian Hamrick describes what happened as a “mass shooting at a mass gathering.” There were so many people jammed into the space that “he sheer size of the crowds made it difficult for first responders to reach the injured parties.”

Things got really wild when “police had to apply a tourniquet to one of the victims while waiting for paramedics to arrive.”

A ‘chaotic’ scene

After the wild west gun battle, the scene at Smale Park was “chaotic” Ashley Kirklen reports.

“one of the victims,” she notes, “was taken to the hospital in an officer’s squad car because the victim had only minutes to spare.” The dispute happened immediately behind Paul Brown Stadium.

Captain Steve Saunders says of course Cincinnati isn’t the lawless wild west, there are too many crime techs crawling around the scene of the crime to say that, he insists. Ever see Wyatt Earp go crawling around in the dust for spent shell casings?

Saunders told reporters, “that criminalistics efforts evidence retrieval, photographing, diagramming, etc. would probably take until Monday morning to complete” He’s really hoping someone will post a video, asking “witnesses to come forward if they had information including by sharing video which might show what occurred.”

The press were wondering where all the officers who showed up at the scene after the shooting came from. “It’s a holiday weekend,” Davis said, “the department always has additional officers on standby given the reasonable expectation that large crowds.”

They were just unable to prevent a wild west gun battle in the park. Milo Watson, 16, and Dexter Wright, Jr., 19, are both equally dead. “Three other teens were injured. A girl, 17, was shot in the back and was reportedly in critical condition; two boys, 15 and 16, were both shot in the arm.”

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