Man Sentenced to Life for Raping 2-Year-Old Girl Shocks Judge with Courtroom Admission

I can’t believe he said it!
Photo via ABC News YouTube Video Screenshot

When Ohioan Devante M. Gibbs was sentenced to life in prison in 2018 for raping a two-year-old girl and then placing her in scaldingly hot bathtub water to hide the evidence in 2013, he definitely got what he deserved.

He maintained his innocence throughout the whole entire trial, but at the very end, he made a shocking admission.

While he claimed that yes, the girl was in the extremely hot bathtub and that it was his fault, he said that he couldn’t possibly have committed the sexual assault because the young girl had chlamydia and he didn’t have it!

Despite the obvious can of worms this opens (i.e. how could he have known this girl had an STD?), he could have very easily used protection to carry out this sinister deed. Either way, there are a lot of inconsistencies in Mr. Gibbs’ story.

For example, he claimed that the reason why the child got into the bathtub is because he thought the water was too hot for him and he went outside to smoke. Well, why didn’t he go ahead and get the water adjusted before he left?

And in regard to the child having an STD, why is it he waited until the end of the trial to let this supposed “revelation” be known?

There are lots of questions regarding this case, and it simply doesn’t add up…

It also doesn’t help that despite Mr. Gibbs’ proclamations of innocence, he hasn’t always conducted himself in the best manner.

For example, Devante Gibbs escaped from the Lorain (OH) County Justice Center while the jury was deliberating on February 10th.

They found him guilty in absentia, the Federal U.S. Marshall’s Service tracked him down to a relative’s house in Long Beach, CA, and Gibbs was extradited back to Ohio on March 3rd.

However, regardless of his less-than-stellar behavior, even to his sentencing date, Gibbs was still proclaiming his innocence. He said that he had hired a private investigator to clear his name and that he wouldn’t even think of raping anyone, much less a baby.

However, the mother of the child wasn’t having it.

Although she is now living in another state, a prepared statement from her was read to the courtroom.

“Throughout this process, the defendant has shown time and again that he is a disgusting human being who has no remorse for what he did to my daughter.

“The horror I will have to go through when I explain to her why she has these scars when she gets older is something no mother should have to face.

“It will be very hard for me to explain how someone can be so sinister and violate a person’s innocence at just two years old.”

Considering what this man has put this mother and her daughter through, there is no question that life in prison is an appropriate punishment.

  1. Just disgusting and prayers for the young baby girl…..that she is able to heal both physically and emotionally…. Just awful…

    1. At the very least, they should have cut off his ding-gad-ling and save the taxpayers a great deal of money by supporting him for the rest of his life.

      USAF (RET)

  2. Hopefully he will get his when he gets into prison. The big boys will take care of him time and again forever! What a bastard. How can anyone do this to a tiny child. Actually the mother should have shot and killed him for defending her baby. What is known about her and the relationship she might have with him? Somehow I get the impression she was friends with him….this doesnt add up.

  3. The only cure for this kind of illness is the caliber of your choice. That is the only guarantee it will never happen again.

  4. He should be castrated be repeated blows from a 10 pound sledgehammer without anything for pain before his punishment and ever after. To stop him from bleeding out pour boiling tar on his wound. The blood will cook the tar and as it(the Tar) cools it will stop the bleeding. Then toss him into general population and tell the inmates and guards kill him take is punishment and place. After say 35 to 40 years then they can kill him.

  5. This is the exact place that capitol punishment was designed for. Society has to guarantee that an individual as vile as this one never has access to free people again.

  6. aPrisons now take extra precautions to protect pervert baby and child abusers from the wrathful other inmates. The prisons segregate and isolated the pedophile perverts to protect them from injury and early death as the result of ACLU law suits. However, eventually many perverts do not exit prisons unscathed. Sooner or later, another inmate gains access and great injury or death results.

  7. No, We Cherokee’s have a very easy way to deal with people like this. We go locate a large fire ants nest. We then take the person and stake them out naked next to the ants nest. We then pour honey all over “delicate parts” of their body and stir up the ants and walk away. We come back in about three or four days and what the Ants have not torn apart we then burn it and let the wild animals take care of whats left. Seems that we of the Cherokee Nation didnt have a problem like this.

  8. Well Well when he gets to his new home, lots of fun awaits him there. Those fellows have
    no sympathy for people like him and they will give him his just dues. Pitiful that he would
    even do such a sick deed.

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