Multiple Lawmakers Ban Drug that May Save Millions of Lives

This is insane.
Covid19 - Coronavirus
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Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are both drugs that are being used with some success right now.

While they have not been formally approved by the FDA as a treatment for the coronavirus, doctors around the country are using them in extreme cases and the drugs are also in trials in New York right now.

Even so, some Democrat governors across the country are beginning to outlaw the use of the drugs to treat coronavirus.

Rogue Democrats

At the head of the pack is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

After hearing doctors in at least two of the hospitals in her state were prescribing these two drugs to coronavirus patients, she has more or less outlawed its use for anything other than its current prescribed usage.

Whitmer has told pharmacists any prescription must be backed up with documentation from the doctor that the medicine is ONLY being prescribed for its intended uses that have already been approved by the FDA.

Additionally, she is asking other doctors to monitor their co-workers and to inform on them if they see them prescribing these drugs for coronavirus patients.

Nevada Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak has taken a similar stance, albeit not so harsh.

Sisolak has signed an official order that the only way these drugs can be prescribed to coronavirus patients is in a hospital setting.

Both reactions are a severe overreaction to a couple in Phoenix slugging down fish cleaner because they saw chloroquine phosphate on the label and thought it was the same things as the anti-malaria drug, which it obviously is not.

In that case, the man died and at the last report, his wife was in serious condition.

This would appear to be more about scoring some political points against Trump and to make him out to be some type of villain because two people were idiotic enough to use the fish cleaner as a cocktail.

Even so, expect more Democrat governors to follow suit, handcuffing what doctors can do in extreme cases in an attempt to save people’s lives.

  1. All this might as well be expected, because it appears the main goal of the democrat party is to do away with the United States and turn it over to communists and muslims.

  2. If it weren’t such a terrible accusation, I might almost suggest that the Democrats actually want as many citizens dead as possible. I believe they see it as a good ploy to hurt Trump in the 2020 election. Some of the real crud ball Democrats (Nancy Pelosi) are already claiming that Trump’s inaction in the early stages of the pandemic caused many, many deaths and he has blood on his hands. Trump was sort of tied up when the outbreak hit-an impeachment thing, which had both the House and the Senate tied up for two months, which coincided with the very outbreak she mentions. She, then, held up the program for virus relief for an extra week or two while she tried to fill the relief bill with a ton of bull excrement-like legalizing all of the Democrat’s voter fraud plans, funding a big part of the New Green Deal, restarting Obamacare and getting as much money as possible to Democrat donors that will pay off handsomely in the 2020 elections (call it dark money)

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