Obama Administration Whistleblower Found Dead, Shot in Head

Oh no!
Photo via Fox News YouTube Video Screenshot

Philip Haney was the man that blew the whistle on jihadists in this country being covered up by the Obama administration.


According to Law Enforcement Today, Haney is now dead, found shot to death near his car.

While the publication stated that it had not yet been able to confirm the report, its sources inside the local Sheriff’s office have informed them that an investigation is underway.

Shot Dead

Haney’s body was reportedly found late Friday night in San Francisco.

Details are still fuzzy about exactly what happened, but it does appear as though he was shot to death.

Friends and relatives have already reached out to say there is no way this man committed suicide, but they also made it very clear he had numerous enemies after exposing the Obama administration.

Haney was the author of “See Something, Say Nothing,” as well as an advocate to stop the far left from taking over this country.

As stated above, in the process, he has created a significant enemy list.

Blowing the Whistle

When Haney was in the Obama administration, he had been tasked with investigating jihadists.

He was then ordered to delete and scrub records on jihadists in our country that were being monitored.

Haney then went public, stating that the investigation he had been working on could have potentially prevented the attack that happened in San Bernardino in 2015.

During that attack, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeed Malik shot and killed 14 people, wounding an additional 22.

Was this a random shooting or something more sinister?

Rumors are surely going to start to fly and eventually the truth will come out.

This is obviously a developing story, so we will update as soon as possible when more details are available.

  1. I enjoy reading the “Real News” on your site. Many of the news items I have shared on Facebook. People need to know the REAL TRUTH instead of the lies that are posted.

  2. The corrupt and complicit news media, will applaud this hit, similar to the hit on Seth Rich, but on the other hand those treasonous vinman brothers , are heroes. So utterly pitiful, when the watch dog’s of our great nation, is so willing, to help the commie democrats, tear down and destroy.

  3. Is Obama taking a page from Hillary’s play book, or was Hillary doing a favor for her old buddy? I also find it interesting that this assassination took place in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s neighborhood. Coincidence? I think not. I can’t help but wonder when will Obama and Hillary start “cleaning house” of regular, free thinking citizens like you and I

  4. Well since clintons were involved with the creation & funding of ISIS ( with stolen trillions of taxpayer funds ) & the clinton / obama / soros crime networks are in the same cabal , this murder makes it what number now in the clinton serial murder count ? , I lost count when it went over 120 ! And ALL involved are still free to do MORE !

  5. Easy case to solve, who benefits from his death, so arrest Obama throw him in jail take 10 years to trhy him why he sits in a no-bail confinement.

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