Obama and Harris Star in One of the Most Vanilla Videos of the Year…Americans Left Scratching Their Heads


While President Donald Trump and most other Republicans get drilled with pressing, difficult questions, Democrats like Obama and Harris get to talk about fashion and Joe Biden’s fondness of ice cream.


Harris and Obama Yack it Up

Former President Barack Obama talked with radical liberal Senator Kamala Harris about Biden’s affinity for aviator sunglasses and other thrilling conversational pieces. (Hint the sarcasm)

In a five-minute video for the Biden campaign or the Harris campaign as both the Democratic presidential nominee and his running mate like to call it, Harris asked Obama to talk about his relationship with Biden.

“What do I need to know?” Harris asked. “Like, what’s the thing about the ice cream? He loves ice cream. Tell me about that.”

“Ice cream is big. Pasta with red sauce, he can go deep on that,” Obama responded.

“He really does like those aviator glasses,” the former president added. “He knows he looks good in them.”

Obama Won’t Go Away

As the Obama presidency ran the United States into the ground and created a massive amount of division which opened the doors to racial strife, the former president went on about nonsense.

“The main thing to know about Joe is that Joe has never lost his sense of why we do this, and we do it because of … for him, memories of his family back in Scranton and then the people of Delaware that he represented, the folks on the Amtrak train he met each and every day. He is constantly aware that that is why we do this. His focus is going to be how’s that going to help those people who sent him there,” Obama said.

“But I love that about him,” Harris replied. “I really do.”

Once a Rapist Supporters, Always a Rapist Supporter

Funny coming from the same woman that said she believed Biden’s rape accuser when they were battling it out for the top spot.

When Harris isn’t sleeping her way to political positions, she’s visiting alleged child rapists, Jacob Blake specifically, and telling them she’s proud of them.

With the Democrats trying to keep Biden from the spotlight, if Trump does get the chance to debate him, you can bet there will be much harder questions than just what’s Biden’s favorite food.

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