Police Scrambling to Find Victims Trapped Following Disturbing 911 Call


Texas police got a disturbing 911 call that highlights the downside of Swiss-cheese borders. The call came from a group of illegal aliens trapped and running out of air in a tanker truck. They’re still scrambling to find the victims and maybe even survivors.


Police reaching out for help

Police near San Antonio, Texas are reaching out to the public for help. They’re asking for clues to help them find the victims of a horrific crime.

They have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the desperate call for help that came in just after 10:00 p.m. on Monday, February 8.

They say the tapes are difficult to listen to. Calls came in to both the San Antonio Police Department and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. A translation of the calls from Spanish was provided by the local Fox affiliate.

Operator: “Do you see anything?”
Caller: “No, no we can’t see anything, God, we don’t have oxygen.”
Dispatcher: “You are next to the highway?”
Caller: “Yes, I hear the cars. A tanker. A white tanker.”
Dispatcher: “White?”
Caller: “Yes. We are like 80 people.”
Dispatcher: “Do you remember who was driving?”
Caller: “No we don’t know who. Help!”
Dispatcher: “Do you have another cell phone?”
Caller: “Help! Holy be God, help!”
Operator: “Where did you start this trip? … I lost him.”

According to police they believe that some of the unfortunate immigrants were “already dead.” Javier Salazar, the Bexar County Sheriff was visibly shaken.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear because clearly behind the caller, in the background, you can hear others in the car, in the trailer and they’re also screaming for help in Spanish and saying that they’re out of air.”

High Tech Surveillance in use.

Big Brother dropped the ball

Despite all the high tech surveillance equipment being flown around the skies these days, including “dirt-box” cell phone tracking and interception systems, by everyone from Chinese student pilots working with the FBI to the Marshall’s service, Big Brother let this one slip through.

Good thing there wasn’t a nuclear weapon or something equally serious on board. The only time the vehicle was spotted by police was “surveillance video captured on I-35 before midnight on Monday that shows a white tanker” possibly traveling with a black pickup.

Now they’re looking for bodies. If police are lucky, there’s a chance the smugglers might “abandon somebody at a hospital, maybe.” The Sheriff knows that’s not a likely scenario. “They’re certainly not going to do the right thing.”

He bets “a lot of money, that if the smugglers do encounter somebody in the back of that trailer that is very, very ill, as a result of the conditions they were exposed to or even dead. They’re not going to do the right thing, they’re going to dump a body.”

The police in surrounding areas have joined deputies and federal agents to search for any traces. “we’re letting our deputies know to be on the lookout for anything,” Sheriff Salazar declared.

Anyone with information should call the Homeland Security anonymous tipline at (866) 347-2423.

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