POLL: 71% of Republicans Don’t Believe Biden is Legit


A new national poll confirms that, despite a year of nonstop propaganda from the mainstream media, the vast majority of Republicans have not wavered on their belief that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. The poll from UMass Amherst found that 42% of Americans polled do not believe that Biden is a legitimately elected president, a percentage that climbs to 71% among Republicans who responded to the poll.

Americans losing interest in January 6 myth

The people who conducted the poll might have hoped to have something to publicize on January 6 which would confirm that a year of constant whining from Democrats and the media has been productive in any way.

Unfortunately for the left, this poll shows that enthusiasm for the January 6 narrative has continued to fade and that Americans are losing interest in the whole thing.

Given that the mainstream media and the Democrats have been claiming that January 6 was the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, the results are extremely underwhelming.

Only 46% of respondents indicated any support for the ongoing investigation and only 50% were willing to describe participants as “rioters.”

These numbers highlight just how laughable the propaganda campaign surrounding that day is. This was a day which is supposed to live in infamy according to Democrats.

The comparisons to 9/11 probably aren’t doing much for their cause; people jumping from burning towers contrast with a huddle of scared politicians scurrying away from a meandering mob of selfie-takers and the latter doesn’t seem so traumatic.

Poll confirms most Republicans still don’t think Biden is legitimate

A UMass professor interviewed regarding the poll seethed and coped with the results by declaring that Trump has brainwashed those who deny the legitimacy of Biden.

There’s really no need to even find evidence of a stolen election to deny the legitimacy of this president though; anyone who watches one of his public appearances understands.

Even if there wasn’t a single suspicious vote cast in the 2020 election, Joe Biden will still never be a legitimate president. Most Republicans and even discerning Democrats can quietly agree on that.

Biden’s illegitimacy above all stems from the fact that he is the most embarrassingly obvious puppet to ever disgrace the office. The president is clearly controlled by his staff and exists to sit in the Oval Office and sign the occasional document.

No poll is needed to reflect the fact that most of the world is not willing to indulge the sham and give Biden the respect his party claims he is entitled to.

To be a legitimately elected president you have to be both legitimately elected and a real president. Biden is neither and no amount of media fawning will convince the majority of Republicans to forget that.

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