Sarah Sanders Crushes Dems for War Powers Resolution

Sanders nailed it!

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just dropped a brutal truth bomb on the Democrat party.

When asked about the War Powers Resolution passed by the House that will give the House more authority to limit Trump in being able to carry out strikes in Iran, Sanders stated, “I can’t think of anything dumber.”

Why Now?

It would be very easy to classify the recent resolution by the House as nothing more than political theater.

Regardless of how Democrats are portraying him, Trump is not a warmonger.

The attack that was carried out that took out General Soleimani was a tactical strike to prevent planned attacks from being carried out.

Not only that, it would be very easy to make a case that Soleimani was the most notorious terrorist alive at the time of the strike.

Instead of applauding Trump, Democrats want to make him out to be some type of war criminal.

If a case was going to be made to limit the powers of a president in terms of a drone strike, it should have been done when Bush or Obama were in office.

Hundreds of innocent civilians were killed by both of them.

They also both have the dubious honor of having hit wedding parties with drone strikes.

Just a Bad Idea

The biggest challenge in requiring Congress to approve these strikes is the urgent nature in which they are often conducted.

Many times, these strikes are given the “go” within hours or minutes of intelligence reports coming out.

Our military finds out a target of opportunity in exposed, they confirm the target, and they spin up a strike force.

That would no longer be the case if Trump has to wait for Congress to convene, see the information, then decide if they want to approve the strike or not.

Sanders addressed this very issue, stating, “They can’t seem to manage to get much of anything done.

“I think the last thing we want to do is push powers into Congress’s hands and take them away from the president.”

She then added, “Under the Obama administration, they projected weakness.

“President Trump does everything complete opposite of that.

“He’s finally projecting strength, and he’s letting them know that they will not be pushed around, there is a red line, and if they cross it, he will respond.”

This resolution is not only political theater, but it is also dangerous in that is makes our country far less safe from threats from Iran.

  1. So very true. Its like giving the enemy notice when we will strike. Its like being rob and you can’t defend yourself. Call the police and let them take care of the problem. It would be great if the robber would call the police and tell them where the robber would be.

  2. Looks like the LEAKERS in the WH have more or less been weeded out so now that Trump is not giving any information to the Dem’s he gets things done and the Americaan people are behind him completely. ( the loyal citizens that is, are behind him)/ YOU GO TRUMP, GET THINGS DONE AND LET THE LIBERAL LIZZARDS DROWN IN THEIR OWN TEARS.

    1. Joan, IIMHO, I truly believe that you should just speak for your self and DO NOT include me and millions of other American citizens in your “WE”,BS,spin and propaganda? EVERYONE does NOT drink the Trump and the government Kool-Aid? I am 85+,spent 24 yrs in the military between Korea and VN and I for (1) do not like the taste of the government and Trump Kool-Aid? And I could be wrong, but I believe that I am not the only citizen in America, that does not have the same HIGH hopes and BIG expectations that you Trump backer’s and follower’s seem to have? Over the decades, I have seen many other wanna-bee’s, flash-in-the-pan type of politicians, that were later found out to be just that
      “wanna-bee’s and a flash -in-the-pan type of person? Let’s all just hope and pray that administration, is not going to be another one? But ALL politicians have one thing in common, “they will ALL tell you what ever it is that you want to hear and even be your so called bestfriend, until they get elected? Then over night they all change back to their old crooked and corrupt ways? That being said, i will say this much, I was born a Native American, served my parents (while they were alive)and my country as best as I could? But, I am NOT a Democrat, and I am not a Republican, but there is one thing that I am, I AM an AMERICAN and DAM PROUD to be one? I find it all so very strange, that while the Republicans are so busy running around and accusing and claiming the ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that has happened for the last 60 years is all the Democrats fault? I do not or have not heard ONE, just one Republican take any type of responsibility for ANY of their own actions, even when it comes out or they get caught doing something that was a mistake or that was wrong? I was ALWAYS told, there are (2) things in life that NOBODY likes (1) is a lie’er and (2) is a thief? And you tell me or show me, just one politician that is not guilty of one or both? But since Trump has been in office and especially in the last year, ALL of the Republican politicians in Washington have been running around thumping their chest, saying and playing the,”how much more holy-than -thou” card, to anyone that will listen and also doing all of this Trump damage control, that they have not got much of anything else done, just like the Democrats?It reminds so much of the, the kettle-calling-the-pot-black, all the while doing the very same thing? I just have one wish? When is, ALL of this BS,SPIN and ANYTHING else that you might want to call it STOPS on both sides and they ALL, just try and set down at the table and just have a very nice and decent conversation, without ALL of this name calling and etc.? Yes, I know it is just wishful dreaming and thinking? But it would be a very, very nice way to start off 2020, wouldn’t you agree?

      1. For all of that lengthy reply – we are Trump believers because he too doesn’t like the government and the corruption. That’s why he was elected in the first place. DC is a swamp, and the reason he is so hated is that he has exposed them for what they are, liars in general, two-faced for their own gains. But the best, just imagine what this country would be like if clinton had won. I can picture it vividly and am glad he won.

      2. It is obvious you have been watching waaaaay tooooooo much Fake News. Change your station(s) for god’s sake! It appears you have been soused in the left’s KoolAid to the point of absolute confusion resulting in absolute insanity. You need to get a grip on reality!! President Trump is not a politician, but rather a business man. He did make promises when he was running for president and he has kept every one of them. In the future, you’d best do some research before you alert the whole World of your ignorance!

      3. You are correct in that most of the politicians, ON BOTH SIDES, are nothing but self serving crooks. I also would like nothing more than for our President, and the rest our so-called “leaders” to stop the name calling and the bluster and crude comments and etc, but I doubt that is going to happen.

        In spite of it all, things are getting done under the Trump administration. Can you deny that?
        Can you deny the economy is better?
        Can you deny unemployment is at a 50 year low and an all time low for Blacks?
        Can you deny our military is getting back to being the strongest in the world, the only thing that keeps us from being attacked on a large scale?
        Are we supposed to bow and turn the other cheek when we are attacked over and over, killing Americans?
        Do you deny Soleimani needed to be eliminated?
        Do you deny we need the wall built and illegal entry into our country from the southern boarder be halted?
        Do you deny the tax cuts are helping the middle and lower class brackets?

        All of that and more has been accomplished since Trump took office in spite of the Democrats bucking him every step of the way. And spending every waking moment from the day he was elected yelling impeachment. They couldn’t even wait until he took office for that.

        All of that being said, what I would like to see most in the upcoming 5 years, other than Trump being re-elected, is for ISIS to be completely wiped out as well as other islamic terrorist cells, in every country around the world, including the USA.
        I would to see the wall completed and ALL illegals deported. I would like to see all children born to illegal parents (anchor babies) declared non-citizens and deported.
        I would like to see Hillary and the rest of the so-call “leaders” who have been proven guilty of crimes to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and not a pass or a slap on the wrist.

      4. Bawhahahaha
        Can you say “TRIGGERED”

  3. The absolute truth here is that the Dems are waiting for Trump not to act in a critical circumstance and then unload on him for not taking action. This charade by these triggered Libs is designed to create confusion so they can have it both ways. Political theater by design. How can anyone be this devious?

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