Shocking Information Emerges Out of Arizona

Shocking Information Emerges Out of Arizona

The transformation of the Republican Party in Arizona is shocking. In response to former President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda, the GOP establishment has begun to lose its stranglehold over the state.

Supporters of President Trump and his agenda have started to remake the Arizona Republican Party with the help of author Dan Schultz, who teaches people how to become team leaders in their neighborhood, or to become Precinct Committeemen.

Schultz’s book, How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again, has encouraged many “America First” candidates to run for office.

The book’s description on Amazon reads:

“This book is for conservatives who are tired of being lied to by fake Republicans who run as ‘Campaign Conservatives’ (in the words of Texas Senator Ted Cruz) and who want to do something to ‘change’ these fake Republicans by taking them out of their current office in the upcoming 2018 primary elections and beyond. The only conservatives that matter are those we conservatives succeed in electing to office, and this book will teach you how to get into the fray to make that happen. It happens, simply put, when the best conservative in the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections, gets more votes than the other Republican primary election candidates.”

These “America First” candidates have begun to take over, driving some long-time establishment candidates out of office and creating a “America First” voting majority in the Arizona GOP.

Apparently, these establishment candidates don’t like the new members on their committees. Members of the board of Legislative District 15 have all resigned, writing a resignation letter blaming the “antagonistic environment that has been created by new membership” for their decision:

Dear Member,

Regrettably, we must inform you that all members of the LD15 Board are resigning their positions effective June 1, 2021. This Board has successfully worked to provide quality meetings in an appropriate facility with content usable for our fellow precinct committeemen and precinct committeewomen to engage their neighbors. Each Board member faces personal circumstances that make carrying out their volunteer duties on the Board difficult. It is true that part of that difficulty is the increasingly antagonistic environment that has been created by new membership that prevents us from fully serving ALL members of the Republican Party within LD15. We remain dedicated to the traditional ideals of the Party and appreciate the opportunity to serve.

Derrik Rochwalik
Brian Hummell
Cori Bower
Chris Smith
Jack Clark

After the primary in August of 2020, Legislative District 15 had only 38% of its Precinct Committeeman positions filled. Currently, approximately 41% are filled. This change was apparently too much for the establishment members of the board.

American Independent Daily makes a good point about this in their coverage of this story:

“As with all political parties after the loss of the Oval Office, Arizona’s GOP is no different. According to the numbers recently released by the Secretary of State’s Office, the GOP is growing, and that growth has unsettled some of the more established members… Legislative District 15, a primarily upper-middle-class area that includes parts of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, has long been a bastion of what the grassroots refer to as ‘the establishment.’ President Donald Trump changed the old dynamic, and while many members of ‘the establishment’ welcomed the change, the hardcore neocon faction of the GOP, sometimes referred to as the ‘McCain Machine’, did not.”

These RINOs clearly don’t like their power being threatened by people who actually want to get the work done to help their communities. Establishment Republicans are well-known to hold office solely based on promises that they never actually try to follow through on. Every election, they promise to fight back against the left, but when they get into office they just sit around, act frustrated by the left, then compromise with them. Then the cycle repeats itself every election year. “America First” candidates and supporters are tired of that, and they’ve finally decided to stand up.

  1. Ms Boushee, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing this with the world. Thank you!
    RINOs got the blues, baby! Like the saying goes, don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you. Greedy for power and too lazy to fight for it, the days of Gov. Babbitt’s bigotry are long gone, and you should have gone with that Indian hater.

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