State’s Largest Union Just Dumped 1Mil Dollars Into a Failed Democrat Leader


The saga of recalling failed California Governor Gavin Newsom has developed a new twist as the largest State worker’s union in California, the SEIU Local 1000 has approved a $1 Million ‘donation’ to keep the disgraced Democrat in office in “an emergency vote”.

The leadership of the Democrat-Socialist aligned public employees union is so threatened by the prospect of a Republican taking office in the Golden state that they’re willing to divide their own membership to do so.

According to Fox2 KTYU,  Robert Bayze, a union member who proposed the union take no position on the recall said “Gavin Newsom will win this recall without our support, The only thing that our support will do is further divide our union.”

“The Local 1000 election that just took place last week was a referendum on political spending in a time when members have seen their salaries dramatically decreased,” Bayze wrote in a failed amendment, saying the union should stay out of politics and focus on their own organization.

Defying The Incoming Union President With An “Emergency Vote”

So why was this “an emergency vote”?

It appears that it was because the current Union President Yvonne Walker who only has a few weeks left on the job wanted to ram this through before she gives up her seat…to a new President: Richard Louis Brown who ran on opposing Gavin Newsom. Now even for a union that’s shady.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Brown, “said he wanted to “run Gavin Newsom out of office” because of the pay cuts Newsom and the Legislature demanded from state workers last year when the state braced for a severe recession in the coronavirus pandemic.” Brown was referring to a 9% pay cut imposed by Newsom last year in the midst of the COVID19 panic.

Union members who supported the million-dollar life raft for the failing governor have warned their members that a new Republican Governor would take so-called “anti-worker” positions (Like what? Lowering corporate taxes to encourage job growth? Reducing regulations to enable more flexibility and bring back businesses that have fled Cali?) Many of them look back to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who took office in a 2003 recall election (and could BARELY be called a Republican let along a conservative) with dread that he dared to oppose them.

Typical style for Labor Unions and Democrat-Socialists, either you capitulate to their demands entirely or you’re an evil fascist.



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