Target Stores’ Chrissy Teigen to First Lady Melania: ‘F*** You’

What a disgrace!
Chrissy Teigen
Photo via The Ellen Show YouTube Video Screenshot

Chrissy Teigen has created quite the uproar with a foul-mouthed tweet aimed at the First Lady.

Sadly, she did not stop there, also taking shots at First Daughter Melania Trump.

Playing the Victim

Teigen has been waging war against Trump pretty much since he first took office.

At one point, President Trump has heard enough and fired back at Teigen.

Of course, the liberal media painted her as the victim of a bully on Twitter and did not even address the fact she and her husband, John Legend, have been attacking Trump non-stop.

Here is an appearance on “Ellen” that will make you sick…

So Much for Unity

This administration and everyone associated with it has been trying to preach unity from day one, but the attacks continue to come.

After Melania Trump put out a recent tweet, Teigen went off the deep end, including dropping an F-bomb on the First Lady…

It did not stop there, though, as she also recently attacked Ivanka Trump for making some suggestions on how to spend family time at home during the self-quarantine…

Now, just imagine how tweets like this would have been received if this had been a conservative when Obama was in office and the attacks were against Michelle Obama.

What are the chances that the individual would still have a contract like the one Teigen does with Target?

I get differing political opinions, but Teigen is a “role model” and a corporate representative, and this is how she conducts herself.

While I don’t expect anyone to boycott Target, it would be nice to see people put pressure on Target to drop Teigen for her disgraceful conduct.


  1. she needs to be fired ASAP peole need to start standing up to these liberal nasty celebreties. I bet if TARGET gets enough COMPLAINS THEY WILL DO SOMETHING. AFTER ALL IT’S THE BOTTOM LINE MEANING MONEY AND PROFIT. So please voice your complaints LOUD AND CLEAR

  2. I haven’t shopped at Target for many years and this pretty much assures that I won’t ever again. Is Target proud of Teigen? Do they support and agree with her perspective? Do they encourage her to continue with her opinions? Do her opinions represent Target’s view?

  3. I used to like John Legend but now he is a Dirt Bag POS and as far as his wife Tiegen is concerned she needs to open her Mouth a Nobody one of Holly Woods most Famous Whores. And I no longer go to Target even though I pass one every day they have turned into A Demorat Owned Store

  4. This whorish piece of trash is seething with jealousy against our FLOTUS because not only will her husband be remembered in history as the greatest president ever, but her husband actually has balls; unlike Chrissy, who is hooked up with a sodomite who likes balls.

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