The Whistleblower is Dead

How could this happen?!
whistleblower is dead
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The entire world right now is torn between shock, sorrow, and outrage.

Late Thursday, it was reported the doctor who tried to get the word out about the seriousness of the Wuhan coronavirus is now dead.

Blowing the Whistle

In the early days of the Wuhan outbreak, Dr. Li Wenliang issued a warning that went viral on the seriousness of the outbreak.

Afterward, Li was called in by officials, likely to be reprimanded and silenced for trying to expose the serious nature of the outbreak.

Virtually everyone has suspected China of trying to dial down the panic, even though the entire country is more or less on quarantine at this point.

Li ended up contacting the virus himself and went from doctor to patient earlier this week.

Now, he is dead.

The hospital stated, “Our hospital’s ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was unfortunately infected with coronavirus during his work in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

“He died at 2:58 am on Feb 7 after attempts to resuscitate were unsuccessful.”

Chinese Censorship Continues

On Friday, President Trump stated he had a long conversation with Chinese President Xi, stating he believes China is now cooperating in full with U.S. officials to get this outbreak under control as well as to develop a vaccine.

Not all pundits agreed with him, though, and rightfully so.

Look no further than the conflicting reports that came out Thursday night.

A little after 10:00 p.m., there were posts made about the death of Li.

A post from the World Health Organization soon followed expressing condolences, but that was later deleted when the post about his death magically disappeared.

Then, as stated above, another post appeared several hours later confirming that Li, had in fact, died.

China is, or at least was, trying to minimize the numbers, but the new estimates are staggering and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently stated the virus may not have originated at the Wuhan Market as previously suspected.

At this point, virtually all methods of transportation to and from China have been closed and numerous countries, including the United States, have initiated quarantines for anyone traveling here from China.

Additionally, the cruise ship that was under quarantine has now had its own outbreak, with reports of nearly five dozen passengers now reportedly testing positive for the coronavirus.

Virtually everything everyone thought they knew about the virus is now in question, including how it is transmitted and its incubation period.

Thus far, there are more than 28,000 confirmed cases globally and more than 560 deaths attributed to this virus.

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