This is Who Biden Calls “A Man Who Wants Peace” [Video]


There’s nothing more endearing to your average Palestinian than a toddler toting an assault rifle like a Teddy bear. One that’s probably fully loaded too. The youngster’s already “qualified” with it, shooting at cardboard cut-out practice targets resembling Jews. Here in America, they won’t trust adult citizens with weapons for defensive protection but Joe Biden thinks Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is a “man who wants peace.” The Israelis beg to differ.


They all want ‘peace’

Palestinians only want “peace” they claim. Not the kind that comes from neighborly co-existence without shooting at each other, but the kind of serenity that comes after all the bothersome Jews are dead.

Like the followers of Jim Jones will tell you, things get a whole lot quieter once the Kool-Aid kicks in and all the screaming and sobbing stops. The Israeli Defense Forces couldn’t wait to tweet out a video of one of their favorite targets.

The footage posted by the IDF, which seems to have an incredible amount of difficulty loading but a whole bunch of views, clearly shows a modern Palestinian child of peace. The imagery is a lot different from the peacenik “flower” children of the sixties.

This toddling terrorist is cradling an assault weapon while being lifted up and embraced by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. The ranking terrorist looks like a proud grandfather.

They’re supposed to be in a “cease-fire” but to Hamas the break is only a desperately needed chance to “reload.” They don’t care what the Jews or the Yankee Imperialists want to call it.

Sinwar is the big man in Gaza, at the top of the Hamas food chain and the one ordering all the rockets lobbed into Israel, many of which landed on his own people by mistake. The IDF points out that he certainly doesn’t look like the face of “an organization that wants peace.”

Just for the event

Sinwar came out of hiding just for the photo op. It was his first public appearance since the ceasefire signaled temporary peace. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Sinwar and Hamas chief of staff Mohammed Deif are still targets though. If they can get a clear shot they’ll take it.

After 11 brutal days of conflict, Israel shipped some humanitarian aid over to Gaza on Saturday. Convoys “brought medicine, food, and fuel.” The whining liberals at the UN couldn’t wait to send help.

The United Nations’ Emergency Response Fund dropped off “more than $18 million in aid.” Minister of State Antony Blinken, speaking for Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace, also pledged millions to the Palestinians. Biden has a great way to promote peace.

Under his scheme, the terrorists won’t need to use cash, which Hamas desperately needs to buy ammunition and more rockets with, to feed their civilians. Biden stands firmly against the Jews and promises to help Hamas any way he can. It’s all part of the deal to give Iran nuclear weapons capability. It’s not quite the done deal that Tehran has been claiming it is but they’re getting close.

Blinken oozed out of the swamp to “underscore the commitment of the United States to rebuilding the relationship with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people, a relationship built on mutual respect and also a shared conviction.” He said that after a private meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Imperial Palace not to revamp the Iran nuclear deal because he knows the money will go straight to “Iran’s terrorist proxies, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad, and Houthis in Yemen.” That’s not the way to promote “peace” in the Middle East.

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