This is Why Lawmakers Need Body Cams Just Like They Require of Police: Accountability


Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has introduced a revolutionary new measure of accountability in government that Congress can, should, and must embrace IMMEDIATELY. The good gentleman from Arizona proposes that members of Congress and Senators be required to wear body cameras in order to provide irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing, and exoneration from false accusations, like those the Democrats, have lobbed baselessly and recklessly at their Republican colleagues since the January 6th Capital Riot.

Gosar’s Resolution To Finally Have Accountability In Congress

In an official statement, Congressman Gosar described his motivations for the bodycam plan,

“Today, body-worn cameras already provide valuable evidence defending police officers from otherwise false and frivolous accusations.  Occasionally, the police worn body cameras show a law enforcement error.  There is further movement to put cameras in school classrooms.  Too often what is really happening in our schools is hidden from parents.

This trend to bring transparency and honesty should also apply to Congress.  For example, in January of 2021, several members of congress made false and defamatory allegations that other members of congress gave “reconnaissance tours” on January 5.  Footage from body cameras would be able to rebut such defamation immediately.

In another instance, a member of congress described a harrowing tale of hiding and being chased, without any witness or documentation of any type in support.  A body camera would demonstrate the confabulation of such a story. “

Congressman Gosar nailed it! Further on in his statement, he explains directly that there is a HUGE lack of transparency in Congress and American’s trust in the institution is at a near-historic low. Newsweek reported in July that only 12% of Americans have confidence in Congress. According to Gallup the results are more nuanced but equally bad. Only 12% of Americans have “A Great Deal/Quite a lot” of trust in Congress, where a devastating 47% have “very little”.

Gosar’s proposed pilot program calls for bodycams to be activated while leaders are carrying out official business and that the footage be shared with the American public. While naturally, we can expect some redactions due to classified or national security matters being discussed by the House Intelligence Committee or the Armed Forces Committee for example, this could provide a wonderful level of trust between elected officials and the American public. Many people would like to see what we’re paying these people six-figure salaries to accomplish. Most likely after some time, Americans will be calling on legislators to take a long-overdue pay cut, and spend more time in their districts and less in D.C.

In a Twitter poll of 12,420 people, Gosar found that Americans seem to agree, its’ an idea that’s worth a shot.

Leave it to a dentist to kick the Democrats straight in the teeth. They want accountability from everyone, but themselves. Now we’ll see them prove it

Confidence In Institutions: Congress (Gallup)

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2021 5 7 37 47 4 * 12
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