Trump-backed Candidate TEARS Into Democrat Opponent


Arizona is one of the battleground races that Democrats really need to win.

With a Trump-backed candidate in the race, this is about more than just winning the governor’s mansion.

Trump-backed Lake has all the momentum right now, but Democrat Katie Hobbs is still refusing to debate.

That has a former Jill Biden aide up in arms.

Just Show Up

John Fetterman has lost a double-digit lead in PA, but he knew if he did not show up and debate Oz, regardless of the outcome, he was probably going to lose the race.

Michael LaRosa, a former top aide for Jill Biden, slammed Hobbs for not having Fetterman’s “guts” to show up.

He stated, “Fetterman showed guts tonight.

“He showed up.

“With his vulnerability on full display, he confronted it for all to see.

“Ultimately, voters want to pull for candidates who show they are as vulnerable as them.

“Katie Hobbs could learn a thing or two from Fetterman.”

Hobb is not debating because she knows Lake will go after her racist past, which is not even up for question.

This is a mistake because at least she can defend herself in a debate.

Instead, she is being made to look like a coward by Lake, who recently stated, “I promise you I won’t yell, Katie.

“I promise you I won’t interrupt you.

“And if you want to have an emotional support animal there as well, I will agree to that.

“But show up like a grownup and debate.”

If Lake takes this election, it will be a HUGE feather in the MAGA cap for Trump.

Source: Fox News

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