U.S. Forces on High Alert – Imminent Drone Attack

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After several open threats by Iran, U.S. forces in the Middle East are now on high alert.

Intelligence reports have shown movement by Iran’s military as well as a possible drone strike being imminent.

Iranian Strike Possible

According to reports, there is an “imminent attack threat” against our forces in the Middle East.

U.S. officials stated, “There were indications that we needed to monitor the threats” more so than our military and intelligence communities already do.

Officials stated that they have seen movement of military equipment and forces, including missiles and drones.

While this could be to protect the equipment from another U.S. strike, recent threats from Iran have everyone leaning more towards the maneuvering for an attack.

Our forces in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan are now all at heightened alerts.

Additionally, our ships in and around the Strait of Hormuz are also at heightened readiness in anticipation of an attack.

Intelligence Reports

The media has been clamoring for the intelligence reports to justify the attack against Soleimani, but as of yet, those reports have not been published.

The media and Dems are already saying this is because they don’t exist, but the more likely reason is that by revealing those reports, the administration could be putting assets at risk.

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien continues to maintain that Soleimani “was plotting to kill, to attack American facilities and diplomats, soldiers, airmen and Marines (who) were located at those facilities, correct.”

O’Brien, while not revealing any intelligence sources, stated there was “strong evidence and strong intelligence.”

When asked about the recent statements by Iranian officials, he stated, “I think the Iranians are talking about retaliating every day in the open sources and we’re monitoring it and we’re taking it very seriously.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also backed up the call for the strike by Trump, stating, “There’s been much made about this question of intelligence and imminence.

“Any time a president makes a decision of this magnitude, there are multiple pieces of information that come before us.”

It really doesn’t matter what Pompeo or anyone else says at this point, though, because Democrats want to try to make Trump seem like a man that is out of control and looking for war.

Sadly, they are echoing the same talking points as Iranian officials, which is truly something to think about when it comes time to pull the handle on election day.

  1. I agree with Iran. It’s best to send all American troops back home. It’s not our country and we have no business being there. If Iranian troops were in America, we would want them out. The best thing to do is, send all Iranians, Iraqi’s and all other Muslims back to their perspective countries. They hate Americans and will never pledge allegiance to our laws and country.
    Send our troops home so they can fight against the Virginia Governor who is planning on violating our Constitutional rights by taking away our guns. He wants to bring in UN troops to take our guns and to kill us. He needs to be removed from office and brought before a tribunal court. Gitmo for the Governor of Virginia and his accomplices. Traitor to the USA and our Constitution.

  2. Solimani was planning on a nuclear attack on 3 destinations. Iraq, Jerusalem, and Washington, D.C. Trump had to act. There could be more to it than that. Trump had to do what he did. However, I still maintain my other comment. We need to get out of the Middle East. These Muslims love to fight and that’s all they know. Hate, Kill and Sex and Rape. Just leave them alone and let them fight each other. They have been fighting for thousands of years and it is embedded in their DNA. They do not know how to not fight. Send American troops back to America to Virginia and remove the Governor of Virginia and the Dems in the House of Representatives. They are traitors to America and they are on the side of the Iranians. They do want Neuclear WWIII. Why do we have Muslims in our government. Do the Iranians and Iraqi’s have Americans in their government? Of course not. They aren’t stupid like we apparently are. We need to bring back the 1952 law banning Muslims from migrating to the USA and living here. They will never assimilate. I hope Trump will consider all these things and make the right choice. I standby Trump, but I do want to see him do what he said and that is bring our troops home and our guns will not be confiscated. Let’s see.

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