Video: Black Militia Group Plans Leaked…Now We Know


The leader of the ever violent Black militia has unleashed their plans to be in Louisville on Derby Day to incite unrest.


Militia Group Gets Ready to Hit the Streets Again

A video was posted on YouTube where the leader announced the militia group will be in town to riot over the death of Breonna Taylor, who was shot by police after her boyfriend shot at law enforcement.



The leader of the NFAC, who goes by Grand Master Jay, said to be on the lookout for them on September 5 which is the same day as the 146th Kentucky Derby event.

Thousands Transcend with Weapons

The NFAC, which is short for “Not F——- Around Coalition,” has been seen marching down streets with military weapons with groups larger than 2,500 people.

On July 25 the group was in the same city causing a ruckus and now the leaked plans show they might try and amp it up this time.

Last time, three members were accidentally shot by an individual within their own group.

The people who were shot all suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the Louisville Metro Police Department reported.

Grand Master Jay told ABC News that members of the militia were doing firearm inspections when a weapon discharge accidentally.

“Today, shortly before 1:00 pm, three people were struck by gunfire as the result of a discharge of someone’s gun who was participating in the NFAC demonstration at Baxter Park,” Louisville Metro’s interim Chief of Police Robert Schroeder said in a statement. “Louisville Division of Fire and LMEMS arrived a short time later and transported all three victims to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. All involved are members of the NFAC and there are no outstanding suspects.”

“This is a tragic situation that could have been much worse,” Schroeder added. “I encourage anyone choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights to do so responsibly.”

Police Prepare for Group’s Arrival

Louisville police said last month that they are prepared and support the demonstrations.

“LMPD remains committed to peaceful expression of views under the First Amendment. As we have done for several weeks, there will be no need for police intervention as long as there is no threat to public safety,” the police said in a statement Friday. “We will not tolerate the barricading of streets by non-law enforcement, impeding traffic, or attempting to threaten or force people not involved in the protests from their intended destination.”

As the September date gets closer, many will be watching to see what the NFAC will do next.

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