[VIDEO] Migrants Violently Defy CV-19 Quarantines

Here we go…
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One of the larger regarding illegal immigrants is their contributing factors to crime rates and their dismissiveness towards local laws.

Germany, Paris, and Hungary and experiencing this now, as immigrants in both countries are openly defying the quarantine orders.

Respecting the Crisis

The COVID-19 virus has created an atmosphere as we have never seen before in our lifetime.

Countries are completely shutting down to prevent the spread of the virus.

Here in the United States, we are seeing a problem with Generation Z just openly defying quarantine orders.

What is going on in Florida with spring breakers is horrific on so many levels.

Not only are they opening up their immune systems from the heavy partying and lack of sleep, but they could also be carrying the virus back to their families.

Abroad, several countries are having significant problems with migrants upset they have to stay put until this crisis is over.

In Germany, a migrant center that houses about 500 people has experienced protests from migrants who want to leave.

Things got so bad, in fact, the migrants were threatening to burn down the center.

Hungary has had the same problem, with students in the country legally from Iran getting aggressive with medical personal working to fight this virus.

It is ironic in Hungary because its leadership has stated many of the cases in that country are believed to have originated from Iranian students.

Paris, which seems to be a hotbed of nasty behavior by immigrants, is also having a significant problem…

If people are coming into countries, they need to respect the local laws, period.

They are only making a better case to restrict immigration rather than promote it.

Behavior during this crisis is going to set a bar for future immigration legislation and right now, that bar appears to be going much lower.

  1. The EU Countries made their beds by allowing the migrants into their countries and not they must sleep in those beds. Logical solution would be to round up all the migrants and deport them back to whence they came, but those liberals will never do that. LOL to the normal citizens living there.

  2. No problem, those ‘migrants’ know the US does not enforce any of its laws against them. They can acti with complete impunity.

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