Video: Suspect Busts Free During Court Hearing, Sends Police Scrambling in Pursuit


Nickolaus Garrison dramatically busted a move to flee the courthouse with officers in hot pursuit, despite one valiant “Supercop” attempt to snatch him back into custody, he was just a little to speedy.


In pursuit of justice

Ohio criminal Nickolaus Garrison, 33, was in front of a judge to be sentenced on meth related charges, but he bolted like a rabbit from the Highland County court in Hillsboro. Despite security in hot pursuit, he was just a little faster down the stairs than one very brave officer who leapt over a banister to tackle the suspect on the stairs, and missed. He definitely felt that one in the morning.

On Tuesday afternoon, everything was proceeding normally as the prosecutors and attorneys played their roles in pursuit of justice. Garrison had already been found guilty on charges of “aggravated possession of meth.” They were about to haul him away to prison for then next year, to give him time to raise $2,500 in fines.

Garrison thought about his future for a minute or two then decided to make a quick run for the door. “moments after his sentencing, he fled from the courtroom with several officers in pursuit.” He made his move right when “a bailiff was placing Garrison in handcuffs.”

Amazing video of an officer at work

Instead of defunding the police, men like the one shown in the viral video of Garrison’s pursuit and escape need a raise. One Highland County deputy literally dove head first over a railing in an attempt to grab the fleeing felon. As Garrison dashed down the stairs, the officer “crashed into a wall, then tumbled to the bottom of the stairwell.”

Thankfully, the deputy didn’t suffer life threatening injuries in the dynamic pursuit but according to court officials, the deputy “suffered a concussion and four broken ribs.” Our men and women in blue put their lives in danger every day and the only thanks they get from Democrats is threats to replace them with social workers.

Garrison managed to escape the courthouse but he didn’t elude pursuit for long. The police put out his APB and he avoided his regular hangouts for a couple of days but “thanks to some tips, Garrison was located and re-arrested in the next county over, three days later.” He now faces escape charges.

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