Washington Police Admit ‘Hands are Tied’


Reports of squatters seizing homes in Washington as Police stand by frustrated and idle along with escalating violence in Portland show that the Biden-Harris regime is rapidly losing control of the Pacific Northwest. Constitutional law and governance have collapsed and the rise of Anarcho-Socialists in the region seems imminent. Our story takes us to Sammamish, Washington, a Seattle suburb.

Local CBS affiliate KIRO7 has reported that a group of heavily armed squatters successfully seized control of a $3.4 million dollar estate while the owners are overseas. The owners had locals keeping watch and maintaining the property, however, recently one worker discovered an incredible cache of 12 guns, bulletproof vests, over 15,000 fentanyl pills, heroin, meth and over $40,000 in cash. Naturally the worker called the Police.

“As we were beginning to take a look at our next steps, an unlicensed motorcycle showed up with two people on it,” Sammamish Police Chief Dan Pingrey said.

“The amount of guns, drugs, etcetera that were confiscated out of that place are not for personal use or for any good reason,”

The Neighbors keeping watch identified these people as squatters and they were arrested on the spot. So everybody wins right? Wrong.

Leftist Laws Protect The Lawless

As we’ve seen over and over again during the last year of violent riots in Seattle and Portland, arrests in these areas often lead to no charges leaving criminals emboldened, law enforcement frustrated and powerless and citizens afraid. The squatters were released from jail in a matter of days and returned to the estate and they brought reinforcements.

“After they were out of jail, we had a large group trying to get back into the house,” Pingrey said. “No one was supposed to be there. The homeowners were not allowing anyone to stay there.”

Chief Pingrey and the Sammamish PD naturally contacted their local prosecutors and lawyers, and what they were told should make your blood boil: they were told to stand down.

KIRO7 reports,

“Taking the advice of local prosecutors and lawyers, Pingrey said law enforcement is limited in what they can do. His frustrations hit a boiling point when the squatters demanded to be allowed to take property inside the home with them. Pingrey said, legally, his hands were tied and officers conducted a “civil standby.”

Pingey and his officers were powerless to stop the squatters as they entered the property and began loading a U-Haul with what they claimed was “their property”, with pictures showing ” a garage full of appliances, including an ATM”

“We were not allowed to go in there with them and had to allow them to take this property out,”  Chief Pingrey told the press. “Somehow these squatters who are living in this residence have as much rights as the homeowner. And that’s very difficult for any of us to understand.”

Sammamish Police Chief Dan Pingrey said. “I totally recognize how frustrating it is for the neighborhood and it’s just as frustrating for us to be honest with you.” He concluded, “It could happen again somewhere else and this is where people in communities really need to be diligent.”

Days later workers for the homeowners were changing the locks and a home security technician was also on the scene. According to MyNorthwest, Chief Pingrey told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that the squatters had been there “close to a month”

Police Say, You Can’t Stop This From Happening

Pingrey told Dori that the best course of action for people who find themselves in this position to follow is… get this: Retreat from your own home.

He said, “the smart thing to do would be to back out and call 911, and that would be the recommendation to anyone,” he said. “… But the tougher part is once you know that these people have been in there, they’ve been arrested and gone away, that then you have to allow them to come back and take items they claim are theirs.”


But don’t worry, Chief Pingrey is…. well… he’s pretty sure the squatters will be charged.. at least that’s what he’s recommending… seriously check this out:

“I guess the statement that I will make is this, is that we need all of our officials to make common sense decisions,” Pingrey told Dori. “And I believe in the legal system and, ultimately, if they need to go to court and allow a judge and/or a jury to make the determination as to whether or not they violated the law and there should be penalties, that would be great.”

“I believe that they will be charged, and that is our recommendation,” he added.

As police cannot even keep people’s homes safe, the North West may be lost.

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