Watch as Massive Crowds Chant ‘F-Joe Biden’


In stadiums all over America, a unifying chant is rising from the people, and in the wake of the horrific implosion of American prestige at the hands of the Biden-Harris regime. Fans of college football seem to have united around a rather peculiar chant “F*** Joe Biden”. As the chant has occurred spontaneously at game after game, College Football Twitter account Old Row Sports pronounced: “Another FUCK JOE BIDEN  chant, this time at the Virginia Tech game ITS NOW A MOVEMENT”.

So far the chant has been heard at the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers game against the Citadel Bulldogs, reportedly the first recorded instance. This was followed by another at Virginia Tech where the Hokies hosted the North Carolina Tar Heels. On September 4, more were recorded at the Auburn Tigers v. Akron Zips game.

Most prominent though and by far the loudest most coherent chant came from Austin Texas where the Texas A&M Aggies defeated the Kent State Golden Flashes. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the Biden-Harris regime is faltering as greater doubt in the supposedly record-breaking electoral turnout for the 78-year-old dotard seems less realistic.

Clay Travis of presented a fantastic compilation of at least a dozen different instances of the chant citing Biden’s historically low approval rating. “As Joe Biden approval ratings hit new lows, college kids in football stadiums across America are chanting, “Fuck Joe Biden,” from the stands:”

Crowd’s Chant of F-Joe Biden Are His Collapsing Approval Ratings Made Manifest

Since the catastrophic implosion of the Afghanistan withdrawal at the lack of direction of the Biden White House, the aged Democrat’s approval ratings were razor-thin, to begin with, much like his Congressional majority. As the GOP Newsfeed reported in August,

“A devastating poll from Rasmussen shows support for Biden crumbling in the wake of the catastrophic implosion of Afghanistan, with moderate voter support dropping by 13% and only a total of 37% of all voters saying they would vote for Biden today. A staggering 12% of moderates say they “regret their 2020 vote” for Biden.”

Subsequently, on September 7th according to The Hill, “Polling conducted by the GOP firm Remington Research Group for the conservative American Action Network (AAN) shows Biden’s net approval rating averaging minus 7 percentage points in those seven districts, which span six states.”

No matter how you slice it, the honeymoon is over, a majority of voters don’t even believe Biden is in control of the presidency or the White House at this time. As the international situation continues to deteriorate and the economic impact of the COVID lockdown becomes more evident: Biden’s numbers will NEVER recover.

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