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Not everyone has been distracted away from the Biden family drama and this week’s installment features Joe’s baby brother Frank. Hunter wasn’t the only one in the family “in dire financial straits due to his careening lifestyle and lack of any appreciable skills.” Frank’s financial situation eventually improved, as wire transfers started coming in to family controlled shell companies from around the world. It finally became enough to pay the obligations he incurred in connection with the death of Michael Albano. That’s a little Chappaquiddick-style family scandal that the Biden family has been keeping a lid on for years.

Frank finally pays up

According to legal expert Jonathan Turley, Joe Biden was well aware that his younger brother Frank really needed money. Back in 1999, Joe’s sibling “was involved in a car crash in Cardiff-by-the-Sea near Encinitas, California.

For that, “he was accused of responsibility for the death of single father Michael Albano and then of evading service and responsibility in lawsuits by Albano’s surviving children.” Now that Joe has cash coming in from all over the place he can’t actually report to the IRS, his brother suddenly found the funds to meet his obligations.

Back in 1999, the then-43-year-old had his driver’s license suspended in the state of Florida. That didn’t stop Frank from renting a Jaguar. He “had a younger man whom he had met at a Whole Foods driving him.

Biden was reportedly in the passenger seat of the twelve cylinder sportster and allegedly “shifted the car into manual gear and encouraged Jason Turton, 25, to punch it, at which point he hit 80 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone.

When police got his blood alcohol tested later in the evening, “Turton was later reportedly found to have twice the allowed level of alcohol in his system.

Passengers in the car didn’t have good things to tell police about Joe’s brother. “Witnesses said everyone in the car was drinking that day and that Frank was accused of telling Turton to keep driving after killing Albano.

Uncooperative with police

According to the police report, Frank was really sketchy “on key points of the investigation.” He got sued by Albano’s daughters and ignored the proceedings. That got them a judgment by default for whatever they asked for.

Biden simply “left California and spent decades evading payments.” The attorney’s finally managed to get Frank’s Wells Fargo bank account garnished in February. Unsurprisingly it was “virtually empty.

The judge had ordered Joe’s brother to pay $1 million in damages and he was dodging a whole bunch of other creditors. “The daughters had repeatedly asked Joe Biden to intervene, but nothing occurred for years until he was running for the vice presidency and the media began to pick up on his brother’s evasion of liability.

While Joe was a Senator, he pleaded poverty himself. Joe Biden’s staff informed them “as you are aware, however, Frank has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment. The senator regrets that this is where matters stand and that he cannot be more helpful.

Right about the same time “the Biden influence peddling efforts seemed to take off in earnest,” Joe suddenly found some cash to help Frank pay his debt.

As Jonathan Turley points out, “These cases reveal not just a family committed to corrupt influence peddling, but also strikingly similar patterns of legal and financial evasion. It also shows a family whose members had an insatiable thirst for cash and few skills beyond monetizing government service.” Joe’s impeachment investigation is moving forward full speed ahead.

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