Wow Even CNN is Beginning to Rethink This Administration’s Disastrous Techniques


Mark the date on the calendar, on Wednesday, July 7th the Biden-Harris regime’s favored mouthpiece, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was blindsided live on-air by the Host of CNN ‘New Day’ John Berman, and it was a glorious thing to behold. Berman landed such a solid shot on the Biden-Harris regime’s complete inaction (more like intentional sabotage) on America’s emerging energy crisis that she was caught completely off guard and left stammering.


Berman Might Be Done At CNN After This One

As Psaki bloviated about “How can you make people’s lives better? So that more women can come into the workforce, more families, more kids can be competitive in the long term.”

Berman, in a highly irregular move for CNN ( he might get fired for this) with a straight face, cut straight through the partisan posturing and knocked Psaki completely off message by challenging her that,

“One thing that would make people’s lives better is lower gas prices, right? I mean, they’re rising steadily. What can the president do to keep those down?”

Psaki was clearly thrown by the abrupt change in tack and seemed completely unprepared for it falling back to a series of pre-written comments she gave during the July 6th Press Briefing, hurriedly stammering her way through awkwardly.

“Well, we-we’ve had a team of our uhhhh… officials from the Government in touch. We’re not a part of the OPEC negotiations the OPEC discussions which are ongoing, will have a big factors on the price of oil, which has a factor on our gas prices here at home. We are in touch with a range of entities who are a part of those discussions – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and others – and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep the price of gas low.

That’s why the President also a red line for him was no gas taxes for the American people in these infrastructure negotiations, but the OPEC discussions happening on the international level are going to have an impact, and we’re engaged in the actors who are involved in those discussions as we speak.”

The Biden-Harris Regime’s OPEC Negotiation Techniques Are WHAT?!?

The United States of America (as usual) is not a party to OPEC (*No Sh*t Sherlock) so of course, we wouldn’t be a party to the negotiations, this makes Psaki’s statement condescending and idiotic. However, for DECADES through negotiations, individually with EACH MEMBER STATE, the United States has always managed to have, if not a seat at the table, at least one in the back-room where the real deals happen. That’s what makes the Biden tactic so frustrating… there really isn’t one. For CNN to be the ones to point this out to the Democrats is remarkable.

Where in April 2020, President Trump dealt with OPEC+ DIRECTLY and convinced them to reduce output by 9.7 million barrels a day to bring oil production in line with reduced demand during COVID lockdowns, Biden seems to have NOTHING in mind to alleviate the inverse of the problem: spiraling prices as demand increases.

One would think this is a layup… just convince OPEC+ to perform the equal and opposite action. Right?

The New York Times wrote,

“Oil-producing nations on Sunday agreed to the largest production cut ever negotiated, in an unprecedented coordinated effort by Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States to stabilize oil prices and, indirectly, global financial markets.

Saudi Arabia and Russia typically take the lead in setting global production goals. But President Trump, facing a re-election campaign, a plunging economy and American oil companies struggling with collapsing prices, took the unusual step of getting involved after the two countries entered a price war a month ago. Mr. Trump had made an agreement a key priority.”

Even The Hill admitted,

“In the midst of a pandemic, President Donald Trump pulled off an energy coup: He was able to convince the second and third largest crude oil producing countries to set their bickering aside and voluntarily cut production, at least for a couple of months. In so doing, Trump may have saved global financial markets, the U.S. energy industry — and the U.S. economy.”

So why isn’t Biden, whom the international community allegedly has “more respect” for making moves like this?

So for those people on Twitter asking “And how does the president do that? He doesn’t regulate gas prices,” Well, it would seem that a competent President can do what Trump did, and negotiate from a position of strength which Biden can’t seem to (Ask China).

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