Another Democrat Lawmaker Arrested for Lawlessness

Kentucky State Representative Attica Scott arrested

A Kentucky state Democrat lawmaker was arrested during the second night of violent unrest in Louisville. Representative Attica Scott was charged with first-degree rioting, failure to disperse, and unlawful assembly.

Rep. Scott was arrested near the First Unitarian Church, where protesters were offered sanctuary from police action by the Church.

It has been reported by a local news outlet that Scott was arrested without incident, and that her daughter Ashanti was also arrested at the same time.

Scott, who is known for proposing “Breonna’s Law” which would ban no-knock warrants, is the only black woman in the Kentucky State Legislature. The law was named after Breonna Taylor, a woman who was killed during a police raid.

The riots around the country have only gotten worse in the past few days, as news of the grand jury’s decision not to indict any officers in the death of Breonna Taylor. One officer, Sgt. Brett Hankison, was indicted on three charges of wanton endangerment. The charges were in relation to him accidentally firing multiple bullets into two other apartments during the chaos.

Breonna Taylor: The Incident that Caused the Riots

The center of the protests is Louisville, Kentucky, as that is where the accidental death of Breonna Taylor took place. Officers obtained a no-knock warrant to search her home for drugs and money, in an investigation of her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, who they believed was using the house to receive mail and packages. Taylor had previously allowed Glover to use her car, which was spotted by police at a known drug house multiple times. A dead body had also previously been found in a car rented in Taylor’s name, which she said she allowed Glover to use regularly.

Prior to serving the warrant, the officers’ orders were changed, and they were told they had to knock on the door and announce themselves. No one answered after multiple attempts at knocking, so the police broke the door down with a battering ram. Taylor’s current boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired one shot, which he stated was self-defense, as he says he did not hear the police announce themselves.

Taylor and Walker had heard the knocking, and were in the hallway when Walker fired the first shot, hitting Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg. The police then opened fire, killing Taylor.

Information about the case that the warrant to search Taylor’s apartment stemmed from was compiled by Brandon Tatum, an ex-police officer and co-founder of the Blexit movement. The summary can be found here.


  1. It would seem facts mean nothing to those on the left . And if this counsel woman is any example , they will endorse rioting as well as take part in riots . Never let a crisis go to waste I believe it was Obama or someone promenet like him once said . And I know it was him who promised to fundamentally change America . Well he did that ! Turned back the clock on race relations some 60 or more years as well as setting America itself back 160 yrs . We are once again as divided as we were in 1860 . And as then Democrats need accept blame .

  2. Democrats/commies don’t believe in law and order. They believe in power. Control. Destruction greed and lying. They have no eithics honor loyalty or respect for our constitution or values. If you want to live in a dictatorship •live in a slum. Vote commie

  3. Sanctuary my ass! as a former L.E. officer, I can tell you I would march right in and haul their insurrectionist asses right out of there!!!!

  4. Sanctuary is in the Bible, but its not for vermin like this, it was for people accused of killing, but were innocent or justified…close this club DOWN that calls itself a church! If it doesn’t preach the Bible…IT IS NOT A CHURCH! imho


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